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What are the purposes of the current education reform movement?
Changes in rules and relationships.Teachers working extra hours planning, communicate w/ families, participating in school based activities and helping students learn as well as perform highly on the standardized tests.
Why is Philosophy education important?
Will guide and direct teaching
Reflective Practice
Active process of thinking before teaching, during and after to make decisions about how to plan, access and teach
Professional Learning Community
Group of educators to reflect, practice action research and ongoing professional development.
Professional Dispositions
Values, commitments and ethical decisions and practices that influence behavior toward students, families, colleagues and members of the professional community.
Professional Development
Process of growing and becoming a professional
National battery of test prepared by the educational testing service available for the initial certifications of teachers
Philosophy of education
Beliefs about children’s development and learning and learning the best ways to teach them
Performance Pay
Salary increases based on student achievement and classroom performance, replacing merit pay
(N.E.A) National Education Association
Oldest and Largest professional association for teachers and administrators.
Core Values
Values that relate to beliefs about the nature and purposes of life; your role and calling in life.
Core beliefs
Beliefs that include what you believe about the nature of students, the purpose of education and teacher roles.
Teacher efficacy
Teachers beliefs about their ability to teach efficiency and about the ability of their students to learn.
Teacher Effectiveness
How well teachers are able to promote learning in their students
Teacher accountability
Teachers responsibility to parents, board of education and their students.
Professional collaboration
Working cooperatively with teachers, staff, parents and community members to improve schools and the learning-teaching process.
Educational and social integration of children with special needs into the educational process in the general classroom
Practice of ensuring that all students with disabilities participate with other students
Developmentally appropriate instruction
Instruction that is age and individual appropriate for each student in the program
Collective teacher efficacy
Group of shared belief in its capabilities to organize and exealte courses of action requires to produce given levels if attainment.
Classroom climate
Routines and practices, classroom management approach, assessment of student progress, quantity and quality of instruction and student/teacher interactions

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