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Keep pictures u click saved in your computers and share it with your friends and family by means Of portable storage devices like Pen Drives,CD etc:- This will give you a good advantage over the paper printed copies of the pictures, as most pictures you click may offer good resolution compared to paper printed copies. Use emails to send invitations -Go online to buy stuff. Nowadays u get everything u want right by the click of mouse. There are many online shopping sites like Ebay,Amazon etc where you can buy and sell things. Len online shopping you also get discounts and home deliveries.

Secondly,it saves paper as your are free from all paper bills, so you are helping to protection of environment. 2. Next idea of reducing pollution is using Electric and Hybrid vehicles. Nowadays many hybrid cars like Toyota Pries,Honda Civic Hybrid etc are gaining popularity among people. Besides saving fuel and reducing air pollution these cars also perform equally in terms of speed and comfort compared to other gasoline powered vehicles. Electric vehicles are very silent.. Even if you are traveling at top speed u may hardly hear any noise produced in by car.

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So if you plan to give your kid or wife a car/bike do consider the the option of Hybrid and electric cars. 3. You like reading ? And you are obsessed with books. Then online version of books known as Ebooks is the best way to enjoy reading. Now you get digital copies of book on various topics with most popular class like novels, comics. Ebook gives you advantage on bookmaking and text searching, plus to enhance the reading experience the eBooks have high quality graphics. Ebooks are becoming popular among young readers day by day as they are easy to use and secondly they don’t occupy space. . We read newspapers, magazines etc. Everyday lots of trees are cut down to produce paper. L guess 50% of the total paper produced in the world is used by the newspaper and magazine industry. So if we could replace paper by some other stuff we could save lots of trees thus saving the environment. Luckily Computer Science has a solution to this. Nowadays you get news about happenings across world right on your PC and cellophane. You can also read newspapers,magazines etc online. Newspaper is offered by many News allies like Times of India,Nee York times, BBC news etc and its free.

Moreover you can get high quality pictures and videos related to a particular news. Plus you can share the news and information about happenings in your surrounding through web with the world. You can upload your pictures,videos and articles on various sites. 5. Traveling is an important part of our life,we travel to meet our friends and family,for business,for work,education etc. Presents we use the transport vehicles which run on fossil fuels,they add to pollution and secondly fossil eels are not forever,they will be over after a few years.

So we need to reduce use of fuel not only for the reason that they cause pollution but also because our future generations can use it. Communication modes like Telephone,fax has largely reduced our need for traveling long distances and now with latest developments in the field of communication has made our lives easy. Nowadays we have Instant Messengers,Email Services to help us connect to our friends and family across world and also to transfers file and documents to any point in the world.

The video conferencing tech introduced few years ago is gaining wide popularity around globe. III u need is a good internet connection and a PC. With video conferencing u can talk to and see the person u want to communicate with,almost giving us the experience Of actual face to face meeting. Video calling can also be done through your G enabled cellophanes. The biggest advantage of Video calling is that it is transparent,you can see where the person is and what he/she doing(highly useful for housewives who are always suspicious about the activities of their husbands,LOL).

Besides being used for casual purpose,Video conferencing can also be widely be used for office and educational oppose. You can attend meetings right sitting in your home by using Video conferencing this is comforting, and does not u to travel. Video conferencing is a boon to many of us,especially businessmen across the world as it saves a lot of time. So friends.. Those were some tips to reduce pollution. Hope you will think about them,implement it and also encourage your friends to save the environment. I’ll soon be back with a new article on a very interesting topic,till then adieus !!

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