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In today’s society, men and women everywhere most likely own at least one piece of technology; whether it is a cellular phone or a computer, technology helps people accomplish what they need to. Doctors’ require a large amount of technology everyday in order to run tests. In order for people to communicate, there are e-mail and cell phones. Movies and television are forms of entertainment, which also need some sort of technology. Some people think technology is speeding our lives and making it more stressful, but technological advances are only benefiting us.

Entertainment is a type of leisure that American citizens acquire after a long stressful week. Television, for example, is a source of distraction from stressful work and sometimes it can help calm people down. Three years ago, iPods and mp3’s became a big hit universally, now people can hardly be seen without one of these devices. Even when bored, some of these gadgets really come in handy. With Play Station, Nintendo, and the Wii, some people design these viedo games and play them as their job.

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So entertainment technology does not make our lives more hectic, but more pleasurable. Communication is a technology we use so that we can talk to family and friends halfway around the world. With cellular phones and blackberries, people can stay connected in an instant without having to write letters and mail them. One person can just be one phone call away, an email away, or a text message away. Therefore, the benefits of technology for communication are numerous and none of them are even close to causing undue stress. Technology is most advantageous for medical reasons.

Without today’s medical marvels, many diseases could not be cured. MRIs and x-rays all need sophisticated machines to diagnose people with cancers or broken bones or ligaments that need to be mended. Shots could not be administered without the right dosage; heartbeat monitors and alarms could never go off to warn hospital personnel of a patient’s needs. In addition, families could not find out the sex of their baby or even look at an ultrasound without the modern machine and hospitals would not be able to run the way they run today without any technology.

So technology is not stressful, it saves plenty of lives everyday and makes a doctor’s life more beneficial for his patient. Technology has given us so much that its faults are rarely observed. A study even shows that everyday contemporary contraptions make life actually more relaxing then if we did not have its uses. With communication, entertainment, and medical advances, technology sure helps everyday life become less demanding and much easier.

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