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Accessing art examples for classroom use
 Internet and CD collections provide ready access to works of art to use as samples, illustrations, and models.  
 Using teaching examples and materials 
 (1) Multimedia slide lectures are easier to use than slides and allow quick, random access to examples, illustrations. (2) Teacher-created website can provide easy-to-access exercises in color theory, and photography techniques. 
 Producing and manipulating digitized images 
 (1) Offers an easy, flexible system for creating images  (2) Lets novice artists create high-quality products. (3)Lets novice artists scan found objects to use in compositions. 
 Supporting graphic design and 3-D modeling 
 (1) Makes possible graphic techniques that can be done only on the computer with this software. (2) Offers many opportunities for artistic expression.  (3) Demonstrates how easily images can be altered, thus fostering visual literacy skill. 
 Supporting desktop publishing with graphics
Lets students illustrate their brochures, newsletter and other documents with high-quality graphics.
 Virtual field trips to art museums 
 (1) Allows students to see models and example of artwork not locally available. (2) Makes possible multicultural “field trips” to gather examples of art and music from around the world. 
 Creating movies as an art form 
 Students can produce their own creative works for research, reports, assignments, and entertainment. 

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