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Technology has improved the human species by supplying information around the universe. taking to developments in different states. Biotechnology is bettering the universe of medical specialty. agribusiness. and energy production. In the medical universe. engineering has a large impact by assisting scientists and physicians figure out how to contend off diseases and viruses. For illustration. there are two persons. 1 who has malaria and the other has built up a opposition to malaria. Knowing that an person has built up opposition to malaria can assist. merely by taking a sample of their blood and uploading it to a computing machine.

Scientists will seeking to calculate out what is the cause for this opposition to malaria. they will hold to interrupt down the Deoxyribonucleic acid of the person who is immune and merely pull out the cistron driving malaria. With this cognition there will be fewer deceases to groups of persons who have non genetically construct up a opposition to malaria in high hazard states. The ruin to biotechnology in the medical universe is happening trial topics that will follow with the testing’s. Once the scientists and physicians find a concrete solution. they will be approved by the FDA to let go of their stuff to the general populace. In the agricultural universe. engineering has helped us better workss to go more stable and be able to prolong life in certain temperatures. With the creative activity of the microscope. we can see what cistrons we can take out the works and add to the works cell. so it can go a ace works.

As we grow. planetary heating is doing the Earth to go hotter each twelvemonth. Therefore we are so making workss that can prolong life with less H2O than the original. We know that with every measure we take to progress in this universe there is a ruin. The ruin for biotechnology in the agribusiness universe would be clip and money. The clip the scientists need to hone the works can take old ages. besides the money to maintain seeking these tests and the land to works them. The energy production in biotechnology can do us come to new advanced engineering that creates fuel with workss. In the yesteryear. there were surveies on utilizing vegetable oil to replace gasolene for motorized vehicles. which will do us to utilize less fossil fuel. We have garnering many organism’s and manipulated them with other organism’s cistrons. so we can retroflex the gasolene or the Diesel fuel.

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It will take clip to make the fuel. and it will take many scientists every bit good to carry on tests. With all of the biotechnology tests decease can ensue to it every bit good. If one is non careful. these beings can go unstable. out of control and release toxic exhausts or do a new disease to interrupt out. There are 6. 8 billion people on the planet. 5. 1 billion of them own a cell phone. but merely 4. 2 billion own a toothbrush ( Hopkins. 1 ) . About 6. 000 deceases and a half a million hurts are caused by distrait drivers every twelvemonth ( “Cell Phone & A ; Texting Accident Statistics” 1 ) . As we advance in engineering. there are ever pros and cons.

Everyday worlds use their cell phones to reach their loved 1s. some worlds will put a cell phone call or direct a text while driving. That small distraction takes four seconds for person to recognize they are about to hit something. and they are an accident waiting to go on. The irresponsible driver will clash into another vehicle or object. doing an person to hold serious hurts or decease. In add-on. with the usage of cell phones every individual’s privateness is being snooped upon by the authorities. and the authorities is able to listen to an individual’s conversation unwillingly. Technology has caused us to hold less privateness and the authorities can occupy every bit much as they want.

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My claim is how engineering affects the human species positively. I provided grounds. for illustration the Anthrax shooting is given to persons in the military earlier deployment to forestall them from acquiring the Anthrax disease. Supplying such medical specialty. the contending force will be healthy and ready to take on missions. My grounds are to do people understand that engineering provides us with newer and more stable merchandises. It besides helps the medical universe find new remedies for disease and helps make vaccinums for any disease that is considered lifelessly to the population. Over all engineering provides the human species with great information that has evolved our species for the better.

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Technology has non merely provided the human species with positive results. but it has its negative results. Why are these claims non noticed as much? The environment will be altered with the creative activity of engineering. for illustration mills that spill infinite waste into the air. H2O. and dirt doing planetary heating. Global warming which comes into consequence by holding polar ice caps melt. doing the sea degree to lift. Basically. when there is more warm H2O in the ocean ( because of the ice thaw ) . more solar energy is absorbed by the H2O. which contributes to a heater atmosphere. This atmospheric temperature displacement causes unpredictable conditions forms. sometimes working against each other. ( Alex Perlman. 1 ) . My nonsubjective and ground is to province the negative results that come with engineering and how it affects us in different types of state of affairss. Overall engineering has provided us with promotion. but it besides comes with calamities for any species.


Without engineering. what would we be making as the human species? Our engineering now can make medical specialty that can hike our immune system and enable us to contend off the unwellness. The innovation of cell phones that has enabled us to pass on 1000s of stat mis off. In the scientific discipline industry we have used engineering to work out enigmas about the human cellular construction. Technology has advance the human species although it destroys us and other species on Earth. For illustration. planetary heating which will make random storms that destroys belongings. Let us non take engineering lightly because it can assist us last or it can hold us killed.

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