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Identify (long term) societal trends that describe our society’s values and behaviors and derivate existing new products from them. In this current society, it focuses on ‘Technology, ‘Green’, and ‘Convenience’ in the development trend. Technology improves the social development, and public prefers to live in convenience and the green lifestyle. Our daily lives are covered with technology, such as, laptop, mobile phone, transportation, etc.

However, the current people pursue the higher quality and requirement about their lifestyle. They care more about environment condition and sustain development, saving more natural resources and power in the earth. Due to this phenomena and trend, more new products consider about technology and convenience with ‘Green’ ideas. Amazon launched the Kindle to our market, as a E-readers.

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For the market and consumers, the Kindle is a revolutionary electronic-paper display provides a sharp, high-resolution screen that looks and reads like real paper. Users can buy and download different kinds of books, magazines, and newspaper into their Kindles. This product should be treat as a symbol of technology in the current society, it also provides more conveniences and hoicks for its users. Kindle users can read any. Veer from a simple thin pad, instead of reading from many heavy books.

Its screen reads like real paper, that means it will not hurt your eyes, which is different from laptop or mobile phone. In addition, users can adjust words into different fonts and sizes to meet their own preferences, as well as make notes and marks during their reading. This product also meets and follows the current social trend ‘Green’. Kindle can save more paper by its electronic function, which provides an advantage for environment development and green lifestyle.

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