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Denton Cooley
The first Dr. in the US to perform a successful heart transplant and founded the Texas Heart Institute.
Henry Cisneros
first hispanic mayor to be elected in a large us city- San Antonio Texas. Served in Clinton’s cabinet.
John Jack johnson
world champion heavyweight; boxer and was someone african americans looked up to as a person who proved that blacks and whites were equal by defeating the best white heavyweight boxer.
Mirabeau B. Lamar
second president of the republic of texas, led to the foundation for a statewide public school system.
Cleng Peerson
the father of norwegian immigration to the US.
Brown vs. Board of Education

-May 17, 1954

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-supreme court decision to overturn segregation in schools.

-Parents tried to enroll their African students in schools closer to home and were refused and told to bus their students to other schools.

-Oliver Brown- first name on the list of names on lawsuit.

Tet Offensive

-January 31, 1968

-Vietnam War, surprise attack on a holiday

– Communist North Vietnam tried to overtake south Vietnam

-US trying to stop spread of Communism

-No winner of war

What are Unions
Organizations of wage earners formed for the purpose of serving the members interests with respect to wages and working conditions.
What happened at Triangle Shirtwaist Factory March 25?
A fire started in the factory and as the workers tried to get out of the factory they found that the doors were locked. The owners claimed that the doors had been chain-locked shut because workers had been stealing fabric. We have now learned that they were actually locked to keep union representatives from coming in and talking the workers into joining the unions. The owners were doing this because they knew if the workers had joined the union they would have to give them better working conditions and better pay. That day 146 workers died, either being burned alive or jumping out of the building. The owners of the factory were put on trial but found innocent since they had not actually done anything illegal. This even showed America that something needed to be done about the horrible working conditions of its people.

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