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Taslima Nasrin is a Bengali author from Mymensingh. Bangladesh. who’s faced many battles as a human rights militant. She is besides a women’s rightist. secular humanist and a doctor who has worked in different infirmaries for about eight old ages. She’s really passionate about literature and she besides has a strong desire of larning scientific discipline. which is why she subsequently became a doctor. She’s a extremely educated adult female and comes from a really conservative background. She started to acquire more involved in poesy and her 2nd book became really popular in 1989 that lead her to get down composing in regular columns of newspapers and magazines.

She wrote approximately many different things. but she ever had a strong sentiment on favoritism against adult females. The fact that she wanted adult females to take a base led work forces to knock her work. She did non like the ruling power work forces had over adult females and she wanted to do that clear to the society. Populating in a state like Bangladesh. where the Muslim faith comes foremost above everything else. adult females are ever looked down upon. When society sees that adult females like her are contending for their rights. they ( work forces ) feel threatened because they don’t want to be stooped down.

She has fought hard for herself and many other adult females to come out of their shells and demo the society their true worth. Her protagonists and oppositions will ever retrieve her courage and bravery. Taslima has been around the universe and has received many awards due to her fantastic plant. She has received awards in France. Germany. USA. India. Sweden. Great Britain. and Belgium. She was brought up as a Muslim but became atheist overtime and was married three times. She has been through many problems and trials because of her work.

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Many people in Bangladesh were against her work and it became to a point where she was denied of holding a Bangladeshi passport. Her life was non merely jeopardized in Bangladesh but India every bit good. She had fled to North America and Western Europe due to her torment in both topographic points. She has written more than 30 books of poesy. essays. novels. short narratives. and memoirs. and her books have been translated into 20 different linguistic communications. Taslima has followed her father’s footfalls ; he was a doctor so she decided to go a gynaecologist.

She was sexually abused during her adolescence life and her being a gynaecologist in influenced her a great trade in composing about the intervention of adult females in Islam and against faith in general. She besides made a scholarship plan named “Edulwara” that gave 50. 000- 1000. 000 to twenty female pupils from 7th class through ten percent in Mymenshing. Bangladesh. In decision. we have to state that she was one brave adult female. Even after all the menaces she received from the Bangladeshi and Indian authorities. she did non give up her plants and what she believed in.

Particularly populating in a Muslim state is non easy. your life can be threatened every easy in topographic points like this. She was banned from come ining her ain fatherland. but her plants kept publication. She is a great illustration to our state and to the remainder of the universe. She gave hope to states like Bangladesh because of its weak authorities and unfair opinion. She stood up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves. and most of all she was non afraid in herself which showed her true power and love for her state and every adult females.

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