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The map of systems technology is to steer the technology of complex systems.


To steer is defined as “ to take. manage. or direct. normally based on the superior experience in prosecuting a given class ” and “ to demo the manner. ” This word picture emphasizes the procedure of choosing the way for others to follow from among many possible classs — a primary map of systems technology.

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A dictionary definition of technology is “ the application of scientific rules to practical terminals ; as the design. building and operation of efficient and economical constructions. equipment. and systems. ” In this definition. the footings “ efficient ” and “economical ” are peculiar parts of good systems technology.


A often used definition of a system is “ a set of interconnected constituents working together toward some common aim. ” This definition implies a multiplicity of interacting parts that jointly perform a important map.

Systems Engineering and Traditional Engineering Disciplines ( Difference ) Systems technology is focused on the system as a whole ; it emphasizes its entire operation. It looks at the system from the exterior. that is. at its interactions with other systems and the environment. every bit good as from the interior. It is concerned non merely with the technology design of the system but besides with external factors. which can significantly restrain the design.

Systems technology are responsible for taking the formative ( concept development ) phase of a new system development. which culminates in the functional design of the system reflecting the demands of the user. Important design determinations at this phase can non be based wholly on quantitative cognition. as they are for the traditional technology subjects. but instead must frequently trust on qualitative judgements equilibrating a assortment of incommensurate measures and using experience in a assortment of subjects. particularly when covering with new engineering.

Systems technology bridges the traditional technology subjects. Systems applied scientists must steer and organize the design of each single component as necessary to guarantee that the interactions and interfaces between system elements are compatible and reciprocally back uping. Such coordination is particularly of import when single system elements are designed. tested. and supplied by different organisations.

• a good job convergent thinker and should welcome challenges ;
• good grounded technically. with wide involvements ;
• analytical and systematic. but besides originative ; and
• a superior communicator. with leading accomplishments.

The relation of modern systems technology to its beginnings can be best understood in footings of three basic factors:
Advancing Technology

Features of a Successful Systems Engineers.
. bask larning new things and work outing jobs.
2. like challenges.
3. are disbelieving of unproved averments.
4. are unfastened – minded to new thoughts.
5. have a solid background in scientific discipline and technology.
6. have demonstrated proficient accomplishment in a forte country.
7. are knowing in several technology countries.
8. choice up new thoughts and information rapidly. and
9. have good interpersonal and communicating accomplishments.

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