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The purpose of this study is to set together a SWOT analysis for Avis Singapore. to urge how it can increase its portion market to vie better with other auto rental companies in the Singaporean market and place other external forces that can impact the whole auto rental market in Singapore. Avis is an internationally recognized auto rental company. it is placed 2nd in the universe and fifth in Singapore and identified as a strong trade name. Avis opened its first location in Singapore in 1972.

Throughout the 70s Avis grew steadily in Singapore and in the Asiatic part. with other operations launched in Hong Kong. the Philippines. Pakistan. Malaysia and Indonesia. More late. developments have included gaps in India in 1999 and China in 2003 ( Avis 2011 ) . Avis originated in the United States of America. with the motto ‘We attempt harder’ . This means that Avis is making its best in client satisfaction on its manner to accomplish in the market. Even though Avis sounds unbeatable. it is confronting so many factors in the market that serves as a hinderance to its growing in the Singaporean auto lease market.

These forces include auto ownership in Singapore. public transit substructure. off-peak autos. low barriers to entry and auto rental for concern intents. Additionally to the purpose of the study. market positioning scheme has to be identified for Avis. Positioning scheme refers to the pick of mark market section which describes the clients a concern will seek to function and the pick of differential advantage which defines how it will vie with challengers in the section ( Doyle. cited in Brooksbank 1994 ) .

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To place whether Avis can be able to place its alone strengths as compared to other companies in the market. In add-on if it has the ability to do certain its client demands are satisfied better than its challengers or the same. This needs a clear apprehension of the strengths. failings. chances and menaces confronting Avis. which is achieved by a really committed company. rival and client market analysis.

SWOT analysis is defined as. “An analysis that identifies the internal strengths and failings and the external chances and menaces in relation to an organization” ( 2010 ) . Equally shortly as a placement program has been finished it is put into action by conveying together the right selling mix. “The popular four P’s definition of the selling mix is: Merchandise. Price. Promotion and Place ( distribution ) . with each “P” consisting a set of determination elements which together defines the firm’s offer to its market” ( Brooksbank 1994. p. 10 ) .

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