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Calcium and Vitiman D are important to a young persons diet because they…
Build strong bones and teeth
When doing a cardiovascular activity you should sustain it for no less than…
20 miniutes
The ability to bend your joints and move in a wide range of motion is called…
Which nutrient helps build and repair muscles?
The RDA of water you should drink is…
6-8 glasses
Which bicep weight training workout would be best for a person your age?
2 ses of 15 reps using 5-15 lbs.
Which of the following fitness plans best folows the principles of training and the F.I.T. formula for muscle strength?
20 pushps on Monday, Wenesday, and Friday.
Which exercise would be best for developing cardiovascular endurance?
Mile Run
Working muscles beyond their normal compacity to increase fitness is known as the principle of…
The amount of force a muscle can exert is known as…
Muscle Strength
The length of time a muscle can preform an activity before tiring is known as…
Muscle endurance
Body composition measures how much __________________ a person has.
Body fat
Which exercise would be best for developing muscle strength?
push ups.
The F.I.T. formula stands for…


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The number of times a person does an activity each week is known as…
The major muscles i your legs are called…
quadriceps and hamstrings
A strength and endurance workout for someone your age should…
focus on technique and eveloping total body fitness
Using target heart rate zone is helpful when doing…
cardiovascular endurance activities
Whih nutrient is imporant for providing long lasting energy?
complex carbohydrates
What is recommended number of times per week a person should do a cardiovascular activity?
three to five times per week
How hard you work during an activity is known as the…
Which activity would help you burn the most fat?
45 miniute jog
Your target heart rate zone is..
60-85% of your maximum heart rate rate
The major mucles in your arms are called
Biceps and triceps
Which of these is the least important aspect of physical eduction?
winning every game.

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