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In my past posts I had cited an article from the Associated Press entitled “Birth control could help combat climate change. ” found that article rather enlightening and pointed to an area of sustainability which is rarely ever looked at. Most times when people look at sustainability it has to do with renewable energies and resources, this is why wanted to look further into the area of birth control. Diving deeper into this topic I wanted to see if there were any other articles out there about this topic.

I was fortunate enough to find another article from a reputable publication on the topic of overpopulation and sustainability. This article is in question and answer format and was published in The New York Times. “Talk to The Times: Environment Desk” published on Cot 12 included a question about the population problem. It even brought up the fact that Europe has culturally shifted to a 0% or even negative population growth and China has their one child per family law.

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This is what the expert answered “One of the simplest ways to get a community on a track toward smaller family sizes, researchers have found, is finding ways to enable more girls to attend school, whether through improving access to water and fuel so children don’t need to work at omen or ensuring that schools have safe sanitary toilets. ” I found this an interesting point because it is known that people who are better educated are more careful with their family size.

People need to be more educated about this area of sustainability and be more careful about having children. Having a family is a big responsibility and people need to understand that. Not only does it affect our sustainability but it also has an effect on our economy. Not having the means to support a family is a big problem with our economy and our society today, but this is a discussion for another day.

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