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What are the five Problem Restatement Techniques?
1. Paraphrasing
2. Redirecting the focus
3. Broaden the focus
4. 180 degrees
5. Asking “Why” to understand CO’s intent
What are the four Pitfalls to Problem Deffinition
1. No focus
2. Misdirected focus
3. Assumption driven
4. Solution driven
What is the corresponding OP activity?
Support the CO’s Estimate.
Develop and analyse COAs
What is the corresponding OP activity?
Situation Development
Monitor and modify execution
What is the corresponding OP activity?
Indications and Warnings
Increase readiness and develop contingencies.
What is the corresponding OP activity?
Support to Force Protection
Supports OPSEC, Provides NBC plan, supports deception plan
What is the corresponding OP activity?
Support to Targeting
Targeting and engaging the target
What is the corresponding OP activity?
Support to Combat Assessment
Consolidate, Pursue, Exploit, Re-attack Targets. (BDA)
What are the two Culturally/Personally learned Biases
1. Mirror Imaging
2. Presumed Unity of Action by an Org.
What are the three Organizational Biases
1. Excessive Secrecy
2. Group Thinking
3. Organizational Parochialism
What are the five Cognitive Biases?
1. Perception
2. Anchoring
3. Confirmation
4. Assimilation
5. Absence of Evidence
What are the three positive WEP?
1. Almost Certain
2. Very Likely
3. Likely/Probably
What are the three Negative WEP?
1. Remote
2. Very Unlikely
3. Unlikely
What are the four steps of ICR development?
1. Identify, Validate, and Prioritize IRs
2. Identify Indicators
3. Derive Specific Intel Requirements(SIRs)
4. Develop Specific Orders and Requests (SORs)
What are the five steps of SIR Development?
1. Further narrow the focus
2. Refine the time
3. Determine the specific observables
4. Complete the SIR
5. Refine the SIR
In what three ways can MAGTF planners increase collect capabilities.
1. Increase awareness and training of organic collection assets
2. Tasking units not normally involved with intel activities
3. Augmentation from external

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