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Primary Purpose of Supervision
support and sustain all teachers n career-growth and dev. which results in quality instruction
supervisory positions

peer coach

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lead teacher

team leader

dept. head



assist. sup.



focus of supervisory positions

focus on the interactive nature of teaching and learning

involves numerous people in diff. roles and contexts at multiple levels of the school org.

3 perspectives for supervision

1 instructional

2. organizational

3. people

instructional perspective

curr. dev.

learning enviromments

grouping of students

teacher utilization

prof. dev.

offering specialized assistance to imprve instruction

*brings together the components of instruct. effec.into school wide efforts.

sup. is a clinician.

organizational perspective

the management function- managing people and resources.

to improve the organization is to improve the structur or est. new goals and object.

the leadership function within admin., curr.,and teaching

*contributs to effectiveness and goal attainment

people perspective

  • modifying teacher behavior
  • facilitating teacher growth b providing teachers with effetive feedback
  • providing activities that improve and stimulate prof. growth
  • facilitating and dev. human resources

*be seen as instructional leader

*requires most time

  • supervision is…

complex proceeds that involves working w/ teachers and other educ. in a collegial, collaborative relationship to enhance the quality of teaching and learning within schools and that promotes the careerlong dev. of teachers.

  • teachers aren’t necessarily lacking
  • who can change? only the teachers themselves

assumptions related to supervision

  • teachers can resolve instructional situations by modifying their behavior
  • the recog. of a need to modify behaviro comes from within rather than being imposed by others
  • through informal discussions, classroom visits, and systematic observations, instruc. behaviors can be id. and examined.

cont. assumptions related to supervision

  • by coaching,facilitating,discussions, and spending time in classrooms, supervisors can provide another perspective
  • when the info. generated is acknowledged as acurate, teachesr assume the major role in id. where changes are needed
  • the level of productivity for both the teacher and sup. is enhanced when the relationship and interactions are collegial in nature and based on trust, cooperation, mutual respect, and reliance on each other

teacher development

the range of teacher abilities, taken together, can be viewed as a continuum of prof. dev. with the most capable teachers at one end and the less capable teachers at the opposite end.


what’s effective for one might not be effective for all. Can’t box togethr one version of prof. dev. and make it fit all staff!

roles of the supervisor :leader


  • can you get others to work toward a shared vision through team learning?
  • work w/ teachers on instructional change?
  • persuade teachers change is needed?

Roles of the supervisor: Planner/organizer

  • involves the ability to anticipate what should be done and how should it be accomplished?
  • macro-planner (big picture) or micro-planner

Role of supervisor (facilitator)

  • assist in allowing teachers to grow prof.
  • providing direct assistance to teachers, by coaching, and gives indirect assistance, by securing needed resources/materials, funding, promoting collegial relations, observing, and listening to teachers as they reflect on their concerns and elaborat on their strengths

roles of supervisor (appraiser/assessor)

  • can one coach and assess later?

role of supervisor (motivator/encourager)

  • How do we motivate one to be th most productive for instructional purposes?
  • How can we change one’s desire to do change?

  • roles of supervisor (communicator)

  • good communicator /Can u listen? Can u attend to one’s needs?
  • Many talk but say little. Can u clearly communicate?

role of supervisor (decision maker)

  • can u make a decision quickly?
  • when should u sit on a decision?

role of supervisor (change agent)

  • can u change the culture of the school?
  • can u convince others that change is necessary?

role of supervisor (coach/mentor)

  • do u have the training necessary to know the skills needed to be instructionally sound?
  • can u effectively give feedback?

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