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Disintegrating agents are substances routinely included in the tablet preparations to help in the dissolution of the compacted mass when it is put into a unstable environment. They promote moisture incursion and scattering of the tablet matrix. In recent old ages, several newer agents have been developed known as “Superdisintegrants” . These newer substances are more effectual at lower concentrations with greater disintegrating efficiency and mechanical strength. On contact with H2O the superdisintegrants swell, hydrate, alteration volume or formand produce a riotous alteration in the tablet. Effective superdisintegrants provide improved squeezability, compatibility and have no negative impact on the mechanical strength of preparations incorporating high-dose drugs. The natural superdisintegrants involve assorted natural substances like gums, mucilages, and other substances of natural beginning which are more effectual at lower concentrations with greater disintegrating efficiency and mechanical strength. Some natural substances like gum karaya, modified amylum and agar have been used in the preparation of FDT’s. Mucilage of natural beginning is preferred over man-made and man-made substances because they are relatively cheaper, copiously available, nonirritating and atoxic in nature.8-9

SELECTION CRITERIA FOR SUPERDISINTEGRANTAlthough superdisintegrants chiefly affect the rate of decomposition, but when used at high degrees it can besides impact oral cavity feel, tablet hardness and crumbliness. Hence, assorted ideal factors to be considered while choosing an appropriate superdisintegrants for a peculiar preparation should:

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1. Continue for rapid decomposition, when tablet comes in contact with spit in the mouth/oral pit.

2. Be compactable plenty to bring forth less crumbly tablets.

3. Produce good oral cavity feel to the patients. Thus, little atom size is preferred to accomplish patient conformity.

4. Have good flow, since it improves the flow features of entire blend.10-11


1. Swelling:Possibly the most widely accepted general mechanism of action for tablet decomposition is swelling. Tablets with high porousness show hapless decomposition due to miss of equal swelling force. On the other manus, sufficient swelling force is exerted in the tablet with low porousness. It is worthwhile to observe that if the wadding fraction is really high, fluid is unable to perforate in the tablet and decomposition is once more slows down.

2. Porosity and capillary action ( Wicking ) :Decomposition by capillary action is ever the first measure. When we put the tablet into suited aqueous medium, the medium penetrates into the tablet and replaces the air adsorbed on the atoms, which weakens the intermolecular bond and breaks the tablet into all right atoms. Water uptake by tablet depends upon hydrophilicity of the drug /excipient and on tableting conditions. For these types of disintegrants care of porous construction and low interfacial tenseness towards aqueous fluid is necessary which helps in decomposition by making a hydrophilic web around the drug atoms.

3. Due to disintegrating particle/particle abhorrent forces:Another mechanism of decomposition efforts to explicate the puffiness of tablet made with “non-swellable” disintegrants. Guyot-Hermann has proposed a atom repulsive force theory based on the observation that nonswelling atom besides cause decomposition of tablets. The electric repulsive forces between atoms are the mechanism of decomposition and H2O is required for it. Researchers found that repulsive force is secondary to wicking.

.4. Due to distortion:During tablet compaction, disintegrated atoms acquire deformed and these deformed atoms get into their normal construction when they come in contact with aqueous media or H2O ( Fig. 2 ) . Occasionally, the swelling capacity of amylum was improved when granules were extensively deformed during compaction. This addition in size of the distorted atoms produces a dissolution of the tablet. This may be a mechanism of amylum and has merely late begun to be studied. 12. better disintegrating belongings than the most widely used man-made superdisintegrants like Ac-di-sol in the preparations of FDT’s. Surveies indicated that the extracted mucilage is a good pharmaceutical adjuvant, specifically a disintegrating agent.18.Mango Peel pectinMango Peel which constitutes 20–25 % of the Mangifera indica processing waste was found to be a good beginning for the extraction of pectin of good quality, suited for the readying of fiim and acceptable jelly. Pectin is a complex hetro-polysacharides which is a hydrophilic colloid. Malviya et Al ( 2011 ) investigated that Mangifera indica Peel pectin base as a good campaigner as superdisintegrant though, non as stronger asman-made superdisintegrant but due to its good solubility and higher swelling index, it may be used in the preparation of fast dispersible tablets.19-20Agar and treated agarAgar is the dried gelatinlike substance obtained fromGelidium amansii( Gelidanceae ) and several other species of ruddy algae likeGracilaria( Gracilariaceae ) andPterocadia( Gelidaceae ) . Agar is xanthous grey or white to about colorless, odorless with gluey gustatory sensation and is available in the signifier of strips, sheet flakes or harsh pulverization. Agar consists of two polyoses as agarose and agaropectin. Agarose is responsible for gel strength and Agaropectin is responsible for the viscousness of agar solutions. High gel strength of agar makes it a possible campaigner as a disintegrant.Guar gumGuar gum is chiefly dwelling of the high molecular weight ( about 50,000-8,000,000 ) polyoses composed of galactomannans and is obtained from the endosperm of the seed of the cluster bean works,Cyamopsis tetragonaloba( L )Taub. ( syn.Cyamopsis psoraloides) . It is used as thickening, stabilizer and emulsifier, and approved in most countries of the universe ( e.g. EU, USA, Japan, and Australia. It is of course happening gum ( marketed under the trade name panther ) . It is free fluxing, wholly soluble, impersonal polymer composed of sugar units and is approved for usage in nutrient. It is non sensitive to pH, wet contents or solubility of the tablet matrix. It is non ever pure white and sometimes varies in colour from whitish to tan tends to discolor with clip in alkaline tablets.21Gellan gumGellan gum is a water-soluble polyose produced byPseudomonas Elodea, a bacteria. Gellan gum is an anionic, high molecular weight, deacetylated exocellular polyose gum produced as a agitation merchandise by a pure civilization of Pseudomonas elodea2, with a tetrasaccharide reiterating unit of one ?-L-rhamnose, one ?-D-glucuronic acid and two ?-D-glucose residues. Antony et al 1997 studied the Gellan gum as a disintegrant and the efficiency of gum was compared with other conventional disintegrants such as dried maize amylum, explotab, avicel ( pH 10.2 ) , Ac-di-sol. and Kollidon CL. The decomposition of tablet might be due to the instantaneous swelling features of gellan gum when it comes into contact with H2O and owing to its high hydrophilic nature. The complete decomposition of tablet was has proved itself as superior disintegrant.22

Soy polyoseIt is a natural superdisintegrant that does non incorporate any amylum or sugar so can be used in nutritionary merchandises. Khalidindi26 et al 1982 evaluated soy polyose ( a group of high molecular weight polyoses obtained from soy beans ) as a disintegrant in tablets made by direct compaction utilizing lactose and dicalcium phosphate dihydrate as fillers. A cross-linked Na carboxy-methyl cellulose and maize amylum were used as control disintegrants. Soy polysacchardie performs good as a disintegrating agent in direct compaction preparations with consequences paralleling those of cross-linked CMC.23-24

Chitin and chitosanChitin ( ?- ( 1>4 ) -N-acetyl-D-glucosamine ) is a natural polyose obtained from crab and runt shells. It possesses aminic group covalently linked to acetyl group as compared to liberate amino group in chitosan. Chitosan is produced commercially by deacetylation of chitin, which is the structural component in the exoskeleton of crustaceans ( such as pediculosis pubiss and runt ) and cell walls of Fungi. Bruscato et Al 1978 reported that when chitin was included in the conventional tablets, the tablets disintegrated with in 5 and 10 proceedingss irrespective of solubility of the drug. The decomposition clip in the unwritten pit every bit good as wetting clip could be analyzed by surface free energy. Chitosan is the best known natural polyose used for its versatile applications in pharmaceutical industry.25

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