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1. This chapter opens in a subdued mood…the characters of this chapter are presently experiences adversity. One of the first characters encountered is Eva she is explicating to her tidal bore and speculative kids why they face such adversity. Eva as the chapter portrays is a adult female of God she accepts state of affairss as Gods trial. she explained to her kids and her hubby bee who is besides listening that good God lets them endure because they are particular and can bear it. Her boy Reggie is acquiring older and has non qualified for a high school as yet. she laments to her hubby bee to inquire Ivan Morton the adult male who they campaigned and voted for aid. Her hubby bee garbages. approaching the terminal of the chapter Eva finds out that her boy Reggie in secret applied to a high school and got through bee skeptical at first eventually gave in and agreed to direct him…at the terminal of the chapter a new unknown character appears and adds suspense and enigma to the chapter.

2. This chapter reveals the ersonality and individuality of the cryptic character Bolo. bola tie is a celebrated stick combatant. the best there is and a a well-known ladies adult male. Bolo’s interest comes to an terminal after the carnival which included stickfighting was banned. this chaptr reveals that bola tie has a thing for Eulalie this chapter besides expresses the impact the American soldiers has on the occupants of bonasse. the local occupants refuse to farm and prefer to trail the Yankee dollor by all agencies even by harlotry. this chnge upsets Bolo. bolo’s friend goes to port of Spain andmakes something of himself and makes his small town proud.

3. This chapter brigs to lift the racial discord nowadays in Bonasse. and the antoganissts the Anglicans and Catholics are brainwashing the people thT the Spiritual Baptist are evil therefore cut downing its fold. The storyteller stresses on the fact that they have something to name their ain a topographic point to idolize although in secret hidden exterior of the small town. in the terminal they were felons if they worship in that manner. They don’t have freedom of faith. this chapter is told in a sort of Flashback. In this chapter Ivan Morton is eexposed as an immoral adult male because he impregnated bolo’sflame and so married person else. The tenseness is raised when as a solulution bolo’s suggests killing the tyrant Police they disagreed with him and decided to wworship the legal manner which they subsequently observed didn’t make sense. this chapter closes in suspense after bee said he was traveling to interrupt the law…

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4. Bee is agitated that his two elsest kids want to go forth place. and the eldest Winston desiring to go a policeman Bee see this as treachery because constabularies are their chief antagonists. he besides forlorn because his eldest boy winstonwas supposed to be his inheritor. hehas a mild confrontation and treatment in their garden with Eva. it is this that brings him to his ultimate determination to eventually interrupt the jurisprudence which entails him and his fold idolizing in their traditional manner. they reuse to believe about the jurisprudence their chief focal point was to praise God in their manner. while all this manner traveling on Bolo was significantly absent

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