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In a concern, it all started and ends with clients. The preparation of this subject is fundamentally about the execution of new program for Sudu Coffee House. Restaurant tendency is of import within a hotel because it shows that a hotel is up to day of the month with what is traveling about and keep or better its image. For invitees ‘ outlooks and perceptual experiences, their money spends must worth with the service, installations and merchandise they spend on for the hotel. If the hotel fulfills their demands, there is no inquiry whether they will be back or non. So, it is non merely specified for the in-house invitees. It may be refers to walk-in-guess.

Guests ‘ behaviour and penchants change of all time faster on a planetary graduated table. In this subject will be concentrating on the java house in Hilton Kuala Lumpur. The design ( the infinite, work flow and the nutrient show ) really much drama an of import function in nutrient and drink industry. See how these tendencies will impact your hotel and trade name. On the good side, it merely brings more people which mean more gross to the mercantile establishment. If the impact is the opposite, the mercantile establishment will confront challenges and in demand of tendency analysis to convey up the name.

For a eating house of a hotel to implement a new design, few inquiries may be raised such as what is the induction of the undertaking? How make the people in charge know it is clip to alter and what does the analysis Tell? Therefore, in my subject of “ Expansion Of Sudu Coffee House In Hilton Kuala Lumpur ” , will be discoursing on how the undertaking may takes its topographic point.

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Undertaking Initiation

The preliminary thought of this undertaking is to benefits both parties, the hotel and invitee. It is by providing one of invitees ‘ demands in Sudu Coffee House in Hilton Kuala Lumpur ( HKL ) which is to increase siting capacity to forestall them from line uping for bend to dine in. There is no job for those who had made their reserves earlier but Sudu Coffee House should non take the hazard to non accepting others. Therefore an thought to cut down invitees ‘ ailment from this job is to suit every bit many as possible invitees in the mercantile establishment for their dining intent.

Sudu Coffee House offers a semi-buffet and all clip a-la-carte service to its invitees. It is uniting with another mercantile establishment, The Noodle Room with no divider. The Noodle Room is a little mercantile establishment which merely specializes in fixing Asiatic noodle dish. Sudu Coffee House has an unfastened kitchen construct where it is specialize in international culinary art and local dishes to carry through invitees ‘ gustatory sensation buds from different background and it is an ideal topographic point for informal dining and concern tiffins. It opens day-to-day for breakfast, tiffin and dinner.

Daily Semi-Buffet Dining Hour


6:00 AM – 10:30 AM


12 Noon – 2:30 Autopsy


6:00 PM – 10:30 Autopsy

Saturday Hi-Tea

12 Noon – 5:00 Autopsy

Sunday Brunch

11:30 AM – 3:30 Autopsy

Based on the brief debut and information given above, Sudu Coffee House is a really busy mercantile establishment to provide its invitees. In house or walk-in invitees largely will come in a large figure of groups for the semi-buffet dining. Therefore, this original observation shows that when this state of affairs takes topographic point, the seating capacity job is arise ; non to advert when the mercantile establishment is full house, the motion for invitees nor the staff is really limited at the counter counter.

A undertaking to do the mercantile establishment bigger by holding more infinite is the thought to assist the mercantile establishment from go oning to hold this job.

Raising gross for Sudu Coffee House HKL is the chief benefits to the hotel by increasing its gross revenues. After the undertaking has taken topographic point, there should be adequate seating capacity for the expected figure of invitees. Besides that, it is a manner to cut down accident between service staff and kitchen staffs at some country with invitees. Hence, figure of bad ailments will be reduced as good.

Some of the expected results will be better work flow for staff and it is doing their work faster and efficient. The mercantile establishment besides should hold an addition in gross revenues after pull offing to suit everyone in. Other than this, with the remotion of unfastened kitchen construct may lend to less noise pollution and many could bask more on the service, installations, atmosphere and ambiance that they spent on. The kitchen of this mercantile establishment may be removed to other topographic point which is nearer for Room Service to make. Thus this action will finally ease everyone. And, by holding these alterations other expected result will be to the full use the window overviewing the Lake Garden Kuala Lumpur.

Environmental Scan


There is a high demand for this mercantile establishment with low supply to the invitees. Currently Sudu Coffee House has seating capacity for 114 individuals. The floor program is divided into 3 subdivisions ; A, B and Foyer where Foyer is the furthest from any buffet counter and it is located at the most front of the mercantile establishment. This mercantile establishment is joined with a little mercantile establishment, The Noodle Room which has seating capacity for 48 individuals. Exceptional for breakfast where they will besides put buffet counter in The Noodle Room and due to this, the seating capacity in The Noodle Room has lessening to 26 individuals merely. Where else the larder and stewarding country located near The Noodle Room is merely being used in the forenoon session.

Sudu mercantile establishment has an unfastened kitchen construct which is located near the counter counter. For every forenoon, Saturday Hi-Tea and Sunday Brunch there will be merely one unrecorded station located in subdivision A. The saloon for this mercantile establishment is located behind the kitchen. There are besides 2 stewarding countries ; one is for Sudu kitchen which is sharing with another kitchen and one for service side, and 1 larder country behind this mercantile establishment. ( See Appendix I )

Amply decorated with batik prints and Chinese hanging lamps, it is a modern-day designed java house. The inside has earthy undertones with furniture, decor and graphics highlighted in natural fibres and textures, added with soft illuming to do cosy atmosphere. The turnover scope may be from 1 hr to 4 hours, depending on the size of the group coming. As a consequence, the seats are ever full during the buffet hr ; a doomed for the mercantile establishment for losing any possible diners.

The bing work flow for kitchen staff or service staff is non efficient therefore doing them hard to execute their undertaking to up to the needed criterion and clip allocated. The service staff in charge of any subdivisions including The Noodle Room will ever hold to make the glade to the stewarding country at the dorsum of the mercantile establishment merely. It applies to picking up java or tea, to the lone saloon behind the kitchen. The nutrient pick up country from kitchen, drink from the saloon, the storage country for the full tabular array scene, the room service, the counter trollies parking infinite, cashier, service every bit good as the kitchen staffs are utilizing the lone corridor available. This caused large traffic congestion during peak hours and accidents such as breakage happened all the clip. ( See Appendix II )

The figure of lasting service staff is 26 people excepting the part-timers and trainees. Hence this sum is besides non plenty for the 3 working displacements and usually there will merely be maximal figure of 2 counter assistants from the kitchen section. “ Speed of service and turnover rate are closely allied ” , from this quotation mark shows that with unfavourable figure of current staffs to execute beyond their capableness, the velocity and turnover rate is slow ensuing in lower gross.


To understand any chance available on the market, in this study will be discoursing on Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur ( MOKUL ) and Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur ( LMKL ) . These two rivals are taken into consideration due to the fact that MOKUL has the same criterion and star evaluation with Hilton Kuala Lumpur. As for LMKL, it is a direct menace as it is situated following to Hilton Kuala Lumpur and offering about the same service.

Biba ‘s Cafe in MOKUL is besides a modern-day all-day dining cafe having a java saloon, synergistic counter counters and unrecorded Stationss for all-day, exposing mixture for different types of nutrients. It has siting capacity for 208 individuals and offering sitting agreement for stupefying positions of the KLCC Park. The full-buffet dining is priced at RM82+ per individual for tiffin and dinner, and the a La menu dining hr is merely from 11:00 AM to 12:00 AM.

The Latest Recipe in LMKL has a seating capacity of 140 individuals with private dining for 16. It displays scope of deluxe appetisers, chief class with sweets for its line of full-buffet dining. The sitting agreement is positioned around the counter counters, the big window offering nice position of The Lake Garden and they are near the unrecorded Stationss which looked like stables specialising in local dishes and Nipponese nutrient.

Another external factor that needs to be considered under external analysis is type of invitees. In-house or walk-in invitees in Sudu Coffee House bulk are the corporate concern individuals. Over the weekends groups of households came for the long hr of counter. Hence their intent of dining is either for meeting or leisure intent. Hours will be spend in the java house therefore doing other possible invitees do non hold topographic point to dine in or they had to wait for bends. On a study conducted by utilizing guest remark cards, it is proved that they had job happening topographic point and busy mercantile establishment doing the service slower. ( See Appendix III ) . And some do non hold clip to wait and go forth.

Hilton Kuala Lumpur non actively reaching with the providers for furniture and the basic equipment for java house service because the storage that it has is adequate to counterbalance with any doomed or amendss. The equipment used has 3 par stocks and none of the equipment is custom made for Sudu Coffee House Hilton Kuala Lumpur. But presently there is handiness of providers plenty to take from. There are certain providers that ever providing for the renovation of eating house.

Potential Restriction

The current infinite for dining in is about 1200 square pess and the infinite is to the full utilised for siting capacity. In order to hold more infinite, the country of The Noodle Room, unfastened kitchen and portion of the anteroom country on land floor have to be utilized every bit good. This must earnestly be taken into consideration with many people because there are many sections involved. To shut down The Noodle Room is an obstruction as this mercantile establishment is bring forthing gross for the hotel as good even the demand is lesser than the java house. A portion of the anteroom country is to ease invitees and for ornament intent for image of the hotel for holding broad country for waiting. And, the unfastened kitchen of the java house might be an attractive force for some invitees therefore taking its infinite for dining and it transportations to other kitchen might be a bad move and affect more plants for the kitchen section.

The projection of this proposal may devour months for the running of the building from the beginning until the reopening. Sudu Coffee House need to closedown impermanent and there will non be any gross revenues and gross. This would hold a great impact on the hotel ‘s tenancy rate. Therefore clip is an of import factor and clip should be shortened, as fast as possible to command any sum of lost made to both mercantile establishment and the hotel, and with the ground that the hotel does non hold a java house to provide for invitees ‘ breakfast that comes with the suites. Return on the investing made besides may be low and decelerate if clip to complete the building is longer because consideration for gross revenues, wage for the staff and other costs while this mercantile establishment is being closed.

For the building to take its topographic point, it is non recommended during any school vacation or during any national jubilation because during these times at that place usually will hold a higher demand for adjustment and dining topographic points.

From the treatment with authorize forces of Hilton Kuala Lumpur, it is decided that if Sudu Coffee House would undergo a minor redevelopment and enlargement, retaining the same construct of the mercantile establishment, it may take up to RM1.5 Million.

The budget provided is limited and the cost for the building is devouring a batch. The cost is calculated from the building, ornament, furniture and adjustments, equipment and utensils such as cutters, dishwares and glasswork ; and the loss of gross revenues from The Noodle Room and Sudu Coffee House mercantile establishment during the clip.

Therefore, to acquire the best citation from the best providers for the above mentioned merchandises are necessary to cut down any possible cost to minimum ; the cost should non transcend the sum invested by the investors. Where else the cost for selling is included as 20 % after the completion through MICE ( Meeting, Incentives, Conventions and Events ) and by prosecuting with bloggers.

Another factor for possible restriction is the staffs. During the building period taken topographic point for few months, the figure of available staff should be reduced. Trainees or part-timers should non be hired to cut down cost. But the lasting staffs are non to be dismissed from the hotel. The 26 figure of service staffs and Numberss of kitchen staffs are the job.

Possibly some are needed by another mercantile establishments or kitchen but non for all the staffs. Therefore for few months, the staffs might non hold plants to make but the hotel still necessitate to pay a full month wage for them. If the determination is made to pay these staffs for half twenty-four hours payment, the hotel will lose many of its possible and adept staffs. For when the mercantile establishment is ready for operation, the quality of service and nutrient can alter with the turnover of its staffs.

For the reopening operation of the new and fresh looked of Sudu Coffee House Hilton Kuala Lumpur, the service and quality must be allied with its image. The figure of staffs hired by service and kitchen section must besides increase to provide the new sum of siting capacity. The staff turnover rate is high in the mercantile establishment and hotel had to engage most of them as part-timers on the first topographic point. On a study made, this ground is demotivating them and do even higher staff turnover rate.

Last, after the consideration of all the factors ( infinite for the mercantile establishment, clip bound, budget for its success and staffs ) influencing and restricting the undertaking, the right information are the important portion ; whether the information gathered could follow the footings and status. For such, for the infinite needed for increasing the capacity,

Environmental Scan Synthesis

This is the decision which is taken from the current environmental scan to sum up the factors that impacting Sudu Coffee House Kuala Lumpur.






Service staff still manages to work with Numberss of trainees and part-timers.

Not plenty to provide all invitees during busy period and could non depend wholly on the aid of non-permanent staff.

There is high demand to dine in for breakfast, tiffin and dinner. Outlet is offering types of culinary arts.

Need building plants and new furniture. Since it is high turnover with unfavourable figure of employees, it is demotivating staff to work beyond their capableness.


More seating capacity, broad and easy staff work flow.

High demand from local and international invitees ( in-house or walk-in )

( MO ) a La menu dining is from 11 AM to 12 AM.

The attractive force of their mercantile establishment could ask for more invitees to dine in. And clients have picks to take from hotels around KL.

They do non alter floor program for a long clip. Clients might happen the service provided non value with money.

Potential Restriction

Investors are willing to put in the undertaking and there are some possible available countries.

Few months to build show no gross revenues gross.

Some providers do non accept usage made furniture.

High supply to run into the high demand and many providers cater for renovation of hotel.

Time and budget might be extended for some fortunes ; a doomed will be made.

Undertaking Proposal


Having a good eating house is including the consideration for clients ‘ wants and demands. By carry throughing those demands, there should be a higher demand and increase in gross revenues gross. In this proposal, the aim is to hike the gross revenues gross by increasing the seating capacity of Sudu Coffee House. It is by spread outing the mercantile establishment to suit as much invitees and have fast turnover, hence cut down ailments from invitees and non losing any possible gross revenues. In another point of position, spread outing the available infinite will give this mercantile establishment a fresh new expression and pull even more invitees to dine in.

Breakfast hr from 6 AM to 10.30 AM is the peak period due to most of in-house invitees would dine in either for a La menu or counter, possibly in the weekends. It continues for tiffin, dinner and supper. The thought comes from the point of tenancy rate of the hotel. Hilton Kuala Lumpur has 510 suites in entire. Harmonizing to The Star News in official web site of Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment, Sabah ; Hilton Kuala Lumpur has an tenancy rate of 85 % in July and up to 90 % in August and this form shows about the same for every twelvemonth. And harmonizing to Market View Kuala Lumpur Hospitality 2010, the mean 5 leading hotel would hold tenancy of 60 % . Therefore in the scenario of hotel full house ; suites with breakfast bundle have 1000s of invitees. Sudu Coffee House will so confront an issue since it merely could suit 114 people at a clip.

To do certain that this mercantile establishment manages to spread out, the infinite from a portion of the anteroom country, The Noodle Room mercantile establishment and the bing unfastened kitchen has to be removed and replace as a dining country. Since The Noodle Room do non bring forth any gross for breakfast session due to its topographic point taken by Sudu Coffee House counter and most of the clip its demand is lower than Sudu Coffee House, there is a opportunity to shut down this mercantile establishment. The really broad anteroom I besides has merely a couch set for invitees. The enlargement should be taken up to this country to suit more diners alternatively for four Sitters topographic point and generate gross therefore good for the hotel. This anteroom country could so be removed to another available country and there is an bing anteroom country II with two sofa sets.

The unfastened kitchen of this mercantile establishment besides will be brought to the dorsum because base on the tendency of rivals they are holding unrecorded Stationss construct. Open kitchen should be closed due to invitees feedbacks on the noise issue and more hygienic expression.

When orders come from invitees, the chef in charge will be shouting to ‘fire the points ‘ to everyone. Any back of house jobs are besides seeable to all of the invitees. These must be avoided to any concern. The bing kitchens at the dorsum are Malay and Western Banquet kitchens. There are reserved new kitchens to suit these two kitchens on 6th floor which is more suited because all the dance halls for maps are located at the same floor.

Concluding Merchandise Materialization

Therefore the country is increase from 1200 square pess to 4200 square pess, about ; with an extra of 102 seats including private dining country. The attractive force besides comes from the unrecorded Stationss to do it even more attractive as it is the tendencies on java house to follow. More unrecorded Stationss are implemented for attractive force intent and showmanship. For breakfast it can offer the preparing of eggs subdivision, noodle, and roti canai devising. For tiffin every bit good as dinner, barbeque subdivision, live carving and sushi devising Stationss are some of the thoughts to follow. By offering staff another java machine around the corner and the usage of the stewarding country behind The Noodle Room will ease staff work flow which is off from the mercantile establishment kitchen. The saloon besides is placed in forepart of the house to cut down clangs with other staff work flow. ( See Appendix IV and V ) .

Since this proposal is concentrating in the enlargement of the mercantile establishment, the subject remains the same because it has received many great regards on it. It is best to maintain the mercantile establishment the same with some fresh new expressions. The pick of dining equipment such as cutters, dishwares and glass wares are the same since there are no debut for new nutrient, and the bill of fare rotary motion is done in every three months. The enlargement besides requires same type of furniture to add such as dining tabular arraies and chairs, side tabular arraies, wall ornament and counter installations. Since the mercantile establishment does non utilizing any equipment with Hilton Kuala Lumpur trade grade, it is easy to happen providers to provide for these demands with good pricing. ( See Appendix VI ) .

The provider for furniture is Teakia Company located in Shah Alam. This provider is chosen to provide for the mercantile establishment furniture is due to its location near to Kuala Lumpur and it can custom made the furniture harmonizing to its clients ‘ penchant. It is besides utilizing the best teak wood in town to construct all. This provider so could retroflex the same type of furniture with better pricing compared to importing from exterior. Where else for the ornament such as wall hanging, it is supplied from China these providers do non use bringing charge for their clients.


Discussion, determination and understanding must be made by all the parties, and the blessing procedure will take a twelvemonth before the building work can be done. Sudu Coffee House is traveling to be closed down for 3 months. Time graph Gantt chart shows the stairss affecting for the 3 months undertaking. To implement this proposal will hold to take few stairss in action planning.




















Uncluttering country Preparation Arrangement Training

Construction Shipment Approval Pre-order

It is decided to get down the undertaking on early of the twelvemonth, sooner after the Chinese New Year in Malaysia because on these months ( March, April and May ) has the least public vacation and the tenancy rate will be lower comparison to the terminal of the twelvemonth. The gross revenues besides are lower hence it is the best clip for closing. Harmonizing to the clip frame, one hebdomad will be taken to unclutter the dining country and reassign the kitchen. With many staff in each section, this clip bound is possible to accomplish. The building of the mercantile establishment enlargement may take about 2 months and during this operation, other work such as pre-ordering furniture and equipment have to take topographic point and two hebdomads for the providers to fix the ordered supplies. The providers ‘ cargo and bringing clip will besides take two hebdomads as stated in their company ‘s policy and the clip of reaching is on the due day of the month of completion of building.

The mercantile establishment will take one hebdomad to set up all the necessary furniture, ornament and cleaning up before few forces will measure and O.K. the agreement. Meanwhile on the direction side will run nutrient and drink preparation for current and new staffs to review and better their accomplishment and services, to be up to the needed criterion with the reopening of the mercantile establishment. The preparation should cover from merchandise cognition, linguistic communication and service. It is conducted by the preparation director or mercantile establishment director because these individuals are trained and experience in their ain field. On the good side, this preparation besides do non necessitate any cost as it can be run in the Learning and Development section with ain employees as trainers.

During this 3 months period, the in-house invitees are offered to hold breakfast in other mercantile establishment since Hilton Kuala Lumpur has six other dining topographic points with split displacement working hr. The current staffs are to work half twenty-four hours in these mercantile establishments for breakfast service. The hotel besides could reassign some of them within the hotel since Hilton Kuala Lumpur has unfavourable figure of staff or they could be transferred to sister hotel.

The resource that Hilton Kuala Lumpur needs to hold is on human factor. It is shown that the human resource section of the hotel tends to engage part-timers. This issue can demotivate lasting staffs as part-timers are free to go forth their occupation at any clip and burthen the remainder of the staffs with plentifulness of plants. Therefore, with the new broad country in Sudu Coffee House, Hilton Kuala Lumpur required to enroll more lasting employees for service sooner extra 7 people. This figure is collected base on 3 people per displacement with extra 1 individual for dark displacement, giving a sum of 33 lasting staffs.

Undertaking Impacts Evaluation Techniques

There are besides some techniques to measure the impact to the mercantile establishment and the hotel. This is to measure the operational flow of the undertaking input and end product.

Short term

During the building period, formative rating occurs along the development way. This can be done by giving out signifiers or concentrate on groups of staffs. This is to look into whether the procedure has achieved harmonizing to the stated bringing clip or non. Once the mercantile establishment has reopened, interview session with invitees is the best manner to measure the result ; to cognize the consequence of invitees on Sudu Coffee House. By making it, the mercantile establishment may cognize the quality and measure consequences. Giving out invitees remark card is besides an opt to acquire the statistic of invitees penchant.

Long term

After few months of the mercantile establishment enlargement, it is necessary to fix some paperss to compare with old consequences called summational rating. The papers such as gross revenues gross, turnover rate, invitees ‘ ailment and tenancy rate in the hotel can demo the public presentation of service staff every bit good as the mercantile establishment. But from the cost effectivity and cost-benefit analysis itself can turn to the inquiry of effectivity of result in term of money. From these, the director in charge can take actions to rectify the necessary errors such as statistical control.


The jobs may originate from the invitees as they would still wish to dine in The Noodle Room or with grounds they need to utilize the anteroom country, where these countries are affected in the enlargement proposal. From these issues it besides may increase more ailments and going a menace for Hilton Kuala Lumpur and giving an chance for rivals.

The 3 months shuting period besides gives an obstruction for this mercantile establishment to manage. Since the invitees are still necessitating their breakfast in the hotel ‘s mercantile establishment, it is hard for Sudu Coffee House kitchen to provide all the nutrients to the different mercantile establishments in the hotel. And it is besides a job for all these mercantile establishments to fix the invitees breakfast excessively as it is non specialise for breakfast session ; and it has its ain fortes cuisine. Having breakfast in other mercantile establishments may upset their normal operation hr and its gross revenues gross, therefore within the months the hotel might confront fiscal jobs in its nutrient and drink mercantile establishments.

Besides it, other restriction such as quality of services and merchandises are besides impacting the mercantile establishment after the completion of enlargement. Hilton Kuala Lumpur is taking a opportunity to upgrade its name, installations and services to its invitees. The location is no longer the figure one factor for diners to take from because once the topographic point is good known for its quality and value for money, invitees would non waver to come.


The hotel should so supply the invitees with more seats in the anteroom II as it still hold big infinite to provide for this demands. For the shuting down of The Noodle Room, the Sudu Coffee House kitchen should take the challenge to implement the noodle ‘s bill of fare in its. Hence Hilton Kuala Lumpur may still offer its invitees with the same bill of fare at new mercantile establishment and non taking any hazard to take noodle ‘s bill of fare from the list.

Since location is no longer figure one penchant, therefore the hotel must take actions and do certain that the nutrient are up to the outlook, the staffs must hold good merchandise cognition and could present best service for one ‘s memorable dining experience.

Further actions

Advertising the mercantile establishment is necessary to do certain the intelligence of this new expression mercantile establishment is good known to the exterior. This will devour some more cost to it but in clip Sudu Coffee House may bring forth greater gross and counterbalance all the losingss made due to its high demand and higher gross revenues gross.


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