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Throughout the society race, gender and class will always remains In our society and even throughout our world it’s self. Clear as black and white there are many shades of grey entwined into a whole picture. It is almost easy to see why the world is so wrapped up in who is better than the other. In a perfect society, all men would be equal. There would be no hierarchal race, no class ranking, or no ideas that men are superior to women or any thing Like that. We would all Just get along and there would be nothing that would separate us.

But we live In to days world and we deal with Just hat. Although woman had much more freedom now then they did years ago many people still have problems with gender role. When discussing the matter of gender ranking we take notice that women have become a fighting force in the world today. Gender advantages are as common as race and race Its Just much more hidden. It Is said that although men make greater use of the male competence stereotype, females also assume greater competence among men (McGill, Domicile, and Lube 1977: Butler and Gees 1990: Offish 1992).

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It is said throughout the world that little girls must play with dolls and little boys but lay with cars. Is that the real truth? In the Article titled, Guys and Dolls No More? It talks about how Gender has always played a ethical part in the world when it came to toys. Gender segregation and stereotyping of toys has grown over the decade. They talk about how boys are suppose to play with boy toys and how girls are suppose to play with girl toys.

Personal I think Its wrong for people to say boys can’t play with girls toys and girls can’t play with boys toys. Just because they want to play with one another’s toys don’t mean they are going to be gay or anything else. There toys and hey are children they must explore everything in life. It is said that People that are on the lower rank of society, such as those living In poverty, poor and lets fortunate receive little acknowledgement and particularly don’t always have a say so. Does It really matter If you’re rich or poor?

Many people assume there are but three social classes: the poor, the wealthy, and the broad middle class in between (MacKenzie 1973:117). Classics is a system of way of life and edifying attitudes that grade citizens according to their economic status. Financial status is also known as social stratification, which is another form of lassoing people according to their group of socioeconomic class. Many People can be seen as being In a different classics depending on how much or how little amount of money they make.

Article,” Many middle-class Americans plan to work until they die” talks about nearly half percentage of middle class working people feel that they don’t make enough and they feel that they will be working until they either become sick or die. It states that according to the bank of Wells Fargo survey that over 1,000 works between 25 and 75 years old with a house hold Income between the rangiest of $25,000 and $100,000 not confident that they save enough to radian’s financial situation is but, it is up to us to either grow financial or continue to stay in the same financial class as our parents.

Not only is class a huge talk in the world but also racism. When discussing the matter on race I notice it is still strong in today’s society even in 2014. Throughout history, the ideas of racism has evolved and developed quite a few different meanings. Today, we can still see the upsetting effects of racism on people of color, as well as whites. Racial discrimination, like other forms of domination, is not only a personal beliefs based on racial prejudice. USA today issued a report of Racist rant caught on camera exposes kids to n-word.

This article stared as Just a men going to the dollar store to get deodorant to him getting back into his vehicles and being called the n word several times from a young mother with her children standing right next to her. This article was sent to Youth and over million views viewed. What happen was truly uncalled for, people have become. I have never been in a situation like this but I hope I don’t ever have to deal with this problem. I feel people should leave racism in the past Dry. King speech was made that everyone to feel equal no tater what color, gender or class you was in life.

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