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Korea I-‘tweet village, the village in which my mother’s family lives, is Just one of four villages of Korea. The landscape that surrounds the village is mostly swamp and jungle. The Island only consists of one main road that goes through every village and around the Island. Using the mall road, my mothers exceptionally large cement house Is not far upon entering tutee. The big old house is veiled by the overgrowth of foliage, only revealing as much as little red and white color between the leaves and branches.

Stepping out of the airplane into the think, humid, air was welcoming, and in the distance I could spot some of my cousins and aunts waving at us from behind the fence barrier of the tiny airport. My family went through airport procedures, then after placing up our inure luggage, we walked out to the entrance of the airport to be greeted by what was most of my mother’s family. On the ride to my mother’s house, I noticed how much everything had changed in the past eight years since I had been there. There were new and bigger stores, a new three-story high school that had recently been finished building, and other houses I had not seen before.

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The land had also changed and the shores seemed to have gotten smaller, as was the Jungle that covered almost every square Inch of the Island. My family and I were on a mutant, or vaults, to our home Island. It had been around eight years since I had seen most of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. This particular mutant had been made in regard of my sickly grandmother. My mother had wanted to see her, as weak as she was, it was only a matter of time before her heart gave out from her earlier years of hard labor. I would wake up to the sound of roosters, hungry pigs, and the smell of our local foods being fried for breakfast everyday.

As everyone In the house awoke, the days chores were to be started right after everyone ate. The boys of the house, such as my cousins, uncles, and brothers were to feed the pigs and go to wan, an area of land which my family owned for growing our food, and they would clear the field of weeds, harvest, and just check the crops. The women and girls had to wash all clothing, by hand of course, watch the children, clean the house and the yard, and make sure there was food on the table for everyone by the end of the day.

I had learned and relearned many of our cultural customs and occasionally felt eke I wasn’t even Koreans anymore, due to how much I had forgotten and did not know about our culture and lifestyle. How much I had forgotten about Korea or being Koreans would become evident when I would speak to other Koreans and forgetting how to say certain words, I would replace them with English words instead, so in a way I was considered fob In their eyes. The most respected people in a Koreans household were always the males, even If you were older. That was one brothers was more of a mutual one, especially with me being older, and in a way, wiser.

I was not allowed to say anything bad about or to them, and was told to ignore any negative comments they made and reply with “Atari/whatever. ” Spending time with any of the guys was frowned upon, especially if I was the only girl with them. Girls are supposed to do ‘girl stuff and be with the girls and vice versa. Other than the slightly sexist custom’s we had (in my opinion), I had learned a lot about life styles in Korea and grew to understand most of them. In the end, I had wanted to stay, as did the rest of my family. I regained fluency in our language and adapted to the tranquil, less complicated, Koreans way of living.

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