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All information is to be kept up to day of the month and accurate and stored firmly in a locked closet or computing machine with watchwords so merely certified people can entree it. Information is merely to be used for a particular purposed refering to the person. This is to protect the persons worlds rights to privateness and confidentiality.

Bi. Describe where to acquire information and advice about managing information. You can garner information and advice about managing information from senior members of staff or supervisors who have the experience and cognition to assist you and you besides have your companies policies and processs guidelines to follow. Web sites are besides a good tool to utilize for counsel about managing information such as World Wide Web. gov. uk/data-protection/the-data-protection-act

Bii. Explain what a societal attention worker should make if they have concerns over recording. storing or sharing information
A societal attention worker would set their concerns in authorship and be clear about day of the months and times. and what stairss you took and any responses you have had. You would first speak to your senior or director. If it is non dealt with so you would travel to the following individual in charge. You may besides necessitate to affect the trade brotherhood or a professional administration in order to back up you.

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