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The data collected of marks earned by a standard 3 class in mathematics and mental mathematics was statistically analyses and conclusion about trends were made. Measures of central tendency were calculated for both mathematics marks and mental mathematics marks. It was found that students tend to perform better in mathematics than mental mathematics as the mean of marks earned in mathematics (77. 32) was higher than that of mental mathematics (59. 92).

The modal classes were also determined from the bar graphs. The modal class of marks earned in mathematics (61-70) were also higher than the modal classes of mental mathematics which had three different modal classes (31-40, 41-50, 51-60). This also helps to prove the theory that students perform better in mathematics than mental mathematics is true. The measures of spread of both subjects were also calculated. Both the variance and standard deviation of mathematics: 185. 098 and 13. 1 respectively were lower than that of those of mental mathematics: 493. 11 and 21. 52 respectively. The variance and standard deviation marks calculated for mental mathematics were much higher than a larger range of values and also shows more consistency in mathematics scores Han mental mathematics. The lower quartile, median, upper quartile, inter-quartile range, maximum and minimum marks were determined from the stem and leaf diagram which helped for easy analysis of data.

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The median for marks earned in mathematics (76) were higher than the marks earned in mental mathematics (60). This indicates a better performance in mathematics than mental mathematics. From the box and whisker diagram (fugue 2), the mathematics marks are more positively skewed that the mental mathematics marks which is almost symmetrical. Also, from the comparative ar charts, the mental mathematics marks are more negatively skewed than the mental mathematics marks.

This enforces the theory that students perform better in mathematics than mental mathematics marks. From these statistics, it is proven that students of San Fernando Boys’ Government perform better in Mathematics than Mental Mathematics. Therefore, statistics can be generated at other primary schools throughout Trinidad to determine whether students of other schools follow the same trend that students score higher marks in Mathematics than Mental Mathematics and results can be compared.

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