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Research questions focus the research’s attention and define the hypothesis that best states the objective of the research. The objective of the research is to determine consumers responses to the product and prices in comparison to Its competitors who offer similar products. For example, pad to other tablets or Phones to cell phones on the market. The research questions that will be asked too random sample are Has he or she purchased the Pad or any other tablet? If so, which tablet have they purchased?

In their opinion, do the features of the Pad surpass other tablets/phone? If he/she did not purchase the pad, was price the determining factor In their purchase choice. In the market of tablets and technology there are many options that are available to consumers. At Apple the launch of the new product Pad Mill was a success. Even though the product costs a little more than Its competitors the Issue Apple has Is to market the worth of purchasing the Pad Mill over other tablets.

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Research design Is defined as a master plan that “constitutes the blueprint for the collection, measure and analysis of data” (Cooper, 2011, pig. 139). The goal is to compare the sales performance of the pad mini to similar tablets. The choice of research design will address the “degree to which the research question is crystallize, the method of data collection, the ability to manipulate variables, the purpose of the study, and the use of statistics to present findings”.

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