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Castillo is a region in Spain with wide horizons, clear skies and full of life. The region is named so because the owners of the land built many castles to protect their properties from Invasion of their enemies. In 1770, our dearest SST. Dominic was born in the small city of Collateral, province of Burros, between two famous cities of Rand De Dourer and Santos Domingo De Silos, in the middle of Castillo. His parents, Felix De Gunman and Juan De AZ were landlords in Collateral. His father employed workers who painted and harvested wheat attended to the vine-yards, and people who herded the sheep and the cattle of the land-owners.

His mother chose his name Dominic In honor of the abbot of the monastery In Silos near Collateral. His mother was a servant In the castle of the Land-owner and her primary task was to take care of his children. She opened her home to everyone seeking for help. On one occasion, she gave away to the poor, the precious wines that her husband has been keeping for a long time. But alas, surprisingly, the wine barrels were all full giving truth to the saying, “He who gives more, has more. ” Dominic was the youngest of all three children.

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Dominic learned to read and write from his family. At the age of seven, he was sent to Gummed De Azans which Is near their home, to study under guidance of Don Gonzalez, his uncle, his mother’s brother, a priest. He also began reading and learning about the bible at the age of fourteen, he expressed his desire to become a priest. Dominic dedicated a significant amount of his time to his studies to acquire knowledge. He didn’t waste any time and was studying even until the late hours of the night. He read all his book with great interest and wrote notes on the margins of his books.

While in Pelican, besides cultivating his thirst for knowledge, he forged a ironsides with Jesus and considered Him as his best friend. The Image of Christ crucified on the cross attracted him so much that he took at heart the gospels to be able to imitate the life of Jesus and follow him as his disciple. Dominic sold his treasures, his true possessions which were his books when they asked him why he did so, he responded: “l don’t want to study from those dead skins while men are dying at hunger”. This phrase became very famous. The dead skins that he was referring to were from the animals that were used as parchments and pages to make book.

This gesture of Doornail Inspired others to do the same In the spirit of sharing and generosity. Upon finishing his studied, Dominic was ordained a priest and became a teacher of the Sacred Scriptures. His fame reached Martin De Bazaar, bishop of Osama, who wants to renew and improve the life of his priests so that they would become more educated, simple, and generous. He spoke with Dominic and they both agreed to form a community and formed the first group of priests who followed the ways of Jesus: a life of prayer, sharing their resources, and dedicated homeless to the service of others.

In a short time, the people immediately came to like Dominic. He was well-versed, knew many things but was very simple. He was very loving to the people and he left a very good reputation during the twelve years that he spent in Osama. He spent his days attending to the needy, the sick and the poor, and at night, prayed asking Jesus to make him a good model of Chrism’s infinite goodness. During the time of SST. Dominic, It was customary for kings and the nobility King of Castillo, asked Diego De Spaces, the new bishop of Osama, his friend and deviser, asked him to officiate the wedding of his son Fernando with a princess from Denmark.

On his trip, traveling across the Europe, Dominic was exposed and had a great awakening to make some changes in his life. In Germany, he heard the Sumacs, a very violent group of people who were into war and destruction. In Denmark, he heard the church intending to spread the good news to non-Christian and he thought that he could help them in this mission. The Cathartics have extended for much of the south of France, and their confrontations with the church continued and became fierce that left the people torn and separated.

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