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The new system is also expected to provide crucial information that will be useful for the growth of the company. As analyzed before, the major problem faced by the company Is because the old system’s Is too dependent toward paper-based documents, human effort and memories, complicated Information gathering procedure and lack of summarized information.

Therefore a new data model for an effective and efficient information system is proposed to the company. Through several functions applied in the data model such as: customer Database, supplier Database, inventory management and others operational activity management, the new system is expected to improve the easiness process’ productivity and efficiency, enabling to accommodate the further growth of Gallup Motor’s business.

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In addition to the business growth, the new system will provide essential information for the owner of the company’s performance for further decision making process. The new system Is also made to enhance 148 149 the convenience which could help the employees as the end user to have easier and more convenient way in performing their daily operational tasks.

Here is the feature comparison of the old and new system: Feature Old System New System Customer Records detailed record f the current customers who whole customers if any are visiting the company Employee Records Yes, simple record Yes, detailed record Supplier Record Only telephones number Yes, detailed record if any Customer Problem’s Record No Yes Sales Record Yes, paper based of the Yes, whole sales records copy sales invoice Service Record Yes, limited to the present Yes, whole service records day Purchase Record Paper based Invoice) based (Purchase orders’ data recorded to the system) Product Inventory Quantity No Tracking Information to restock the Manually product counting the Automatically shown when inventory, or even cannot the quantity reached the be tracked until the product minimum level is out stock customer request it. When 150 Generating Invoice Manually, hand writing. Automatically, Risk of miss calculating the data recorded in the system Pricing Policy Based on human memories Based on data recorded in and price books the system Table 6. 1 – Features Comparison After being evaluated, in conclusion this data model proposed has several specific benefits offered to the company. As listed in the table above, there are additional and improved features supported by the new system. By using this system, the data can be accessed by multi users according their own authority. At the end, this system is expected to generate a better integrated data.

However, it is not an easy Job to implement the new system properly. The owner needs an extra time and money to start all this new system. Besides, the current human resources are not capable enough yet to use the proposed system. Therefore a lot of time is required for the user training and user adaptation with the new system. However all these efforts is worth to the benefits offered by the new system for company’s success in the long term. . 2. Recommendation and Future Improvements 6. 2. 1 . Recommendation As this thesis aim for, a new data model for Gallup Motor information system has been developed through the detailed analysis, design and application development.

However, the implementation strategy has which is also discussed 151 in the previous chapter, leaving the actual implementation procedure to be conducted outside the scope of this thesis. On the prototype development using Microsoft Access, the writer faced difficulty on creating many-to-many relationship since Microsoft Access does not support direct any-to-many relationship. There is a Junction table needed. Therefore the writer recommends the use of other programming software such as myself in the real system implementation later on. For the end user to have a dedication towards the new system is the most important aspect toward the implementation process.

It is essential to have a good user acceptance towards the new system, making the end user to have the consideration that the new system is the best in order for the company to continue its growth. Therefore the evaluation of the designed prototype should be explored in more detailed way based on users’ point of view. The new system consistently in doing their daily operational activities, maximizing the benefits achieved by the new system. 6. 2. 2. Future Improvement Improvement on Financial Report The current application enables the system to only show information on sales, purchase, salary payment information and cash inflow/outflow. It is best to have a sophisticated report with more information available. Such as 152 separation of other income or expense by categories, display cost of goods sold with using FIFO method, etc. Improvement on Salary Payroll System The current application has not covered the bonus calculation of the salary payment. It is a necessary to have the system which is able calculate all the salaries detail, including all the weekly wages, monthly salary and also bonus performance. Addition of Retort Function Current application does not support a retort feature, to manage product return to the supplier. With current system, retort will be handled as if it is done before the data of products purchased is input in the product inventory database. It will be better to have dedicated retort feature in the application along with the automatic inventory update.

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