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There are billions and billions of people on earth, so how do we make ourselves stand out? Our idiolect. Everyone has their own distinct way of speaking, no matter what ethnic background you’re from; your culture; and your friends, no one speaks the same. As a bilingual speaker I am proud to be able to speak Cantonese, English and – somehow – have a received pronunciation! Without the freedom to speak the way we want, there would be no such thing as identity.

We don’t need outrageously pretentious snobs like Emma Thompson to dictate our speech! Whether our spoken engage is “sloppy’ or Just drives her “insane”, our teenage years are the time where we discover our inner personality: where our attitude defines our speech and how we speak is simply who we are. People usually adjust the way they speak depending on who they are speaking to. Teenagers tend to use non-standard English when talking to friends as it helps create a more relaxed atmosphere.

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However, when conversing with adults, teens frequently use Standard English to show their serious and formal side. As a teenager, I usually express my feelings through occasional swearing and Lang when having a discussion with friends. In this case, my informal conversation took place between a group of friends and l, whilst walking home from school. The topic of our dialogue was about our “school day’. An example of me swearing would be when my friend Angel describes her day as “Sit. ” And me replying with “whys your day sit? By using the word “whys”, an informal tone is created. The use of non- standard English helps imply that I and Angel know each other very well. Here, the accommodation theory, where you try to adapt your speech to bring you closer to the other speaker, applies. As Angel and I are extremely close, knowing each other since nursery, her swearing allows me to understand her emotions without making her elaborate. This means, my friends attitude can often influence the way I speak, depending on my mood.

However, compared to a formal situation, I wouldn’t be swearing at all as my family does not approve of me swearing and think it’s appalling. In contrast to this, the conversation between me and my aunt consisted of me of using Standard English. For example “Vive been considering music or geography. ” This helps create a sense of maturity and respect for my aunt, however, if I were to use Lang, swear words and non-standard English the feeling of maturity would be lost. When speaking to adults, my tone is adapted to accommodate the situation.

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