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An inherent tension between the actual and the possible is revealed through the development of ideas in a speech. Faith Bandleader’s “Faith, Hope and Reconciliation” and Among San Sue Ski’s, “Keynote address at the 4th Beijing conference on women” both support this statement. Sue Ski’s opening speech at the conference was addressed to a female dominated audience “Joined by a few brave men! ” It was the first of all the speeches at the conference.

The main idea Sue Sky was trying to embed in her audience was the life that women should be allowed freedom of expression and should be actively engaged in their government in the attempt for the government to “understand the point of views of others” and thus steer away from the “struggle for Justice and peace” in the world. This is the possible situation that Sue Sky is enforcing and encouraging with a full-of-purpose passion, but the actual, or reality, is far from this. She herself did not attend the conference.

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She was Just released from 6 years house imprisonment and didn’t want to risk being locked out of her country by her government, so she delivered her speech to the conference via a video recording. This provides the evidence that she is fighting against and shows evidence of the actual situation. So in Sue Ski’s speech, the ideas motivate change from the actual to the possible. Bandleader’s speech was delivered at the Talking’ It Up Reconciliation Convention. The convention was attended by Interested In Indigenous Issues, Issues of social Justice, peace, equality.

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