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Success is like a ladder, no one has ever climbed a ladder with both hands In his pockets. ” -Arnold Schwarzenegger Do you know what success is? How can you say that you’re already successful? Are there ways on how to achieve success? Success Is all that we want. To be successful In life, to be successful In our career, to be successful In everything we do. But have you done your part In cleaving those goals In life?

Are those efforts of yours enough to be on the place you want to be? For you to achieve that success, you must strive hard and work hard. It Is not Like a seed that will bloom once you’ve planted It underground. The road to success Is not smooth. It Is a rocky road full of bumps and cracks. You may stumble and fall while chasing that dream but that doesn’t mean you have to stop. Rise again and continue. You may never know, it is just one step away from you.

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Success is not only making your dreams come true, it means that you are also happy with what you’re doing. You can say that you are successful when you are already satisfied with what you have and not asking for more. There are many ways to success, it is just for you to choose on which way you will go. Success, architects cannot renovate it. Businesses cannot incorporate it. Engineers cannot calculate it. Scientists cannot formulate it. Only YOU can generate it.

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