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The Great Ideas, Love Is a deep expression that consists of affectionate feelings for a person or thing. When we think about love, the first thing that comes to our minds are emotions, loyalty and faithfulness. Many people might think that they fall in love with that special person they have In their life but we might be concerned whether or not that is truth love? Can we satisfy our life for the one who will have the highest priority in our world?

Adler cited from In Essay on Friendship, the author Montages says, “In truth friendship I give myself more than I endeavor to attract him to me. I am not only better pleased in doing him service than he incur benefit up on me, but more over I would rather he should do himself good than me good. ” (1 34)This statement clearly shows the benevolence of love, the interest of the lover in the good of the beloved. To determine which kind of love we might feel around us and whether or not it’s a truth love, we can look for the significance of a deferent kind of love.

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Love Is defined by the three Greek terms: Eros, phalli and agape. Eros Is a romantic and pure emotion love without the balance of logic. It’s a kind of love with sensual desire and longing. Eros Is a type of love where people fall In love extremely fast but do not have their priorities set for each other. They might find themselves in complete love with each other, however; these emotions are erotic and temporary. I won’t call these emotions love, even though, some people might be able to enjoy most or all of their life living with an Eros love.

As an illustration to the Eros love I can point out the Friends with Benefits movie. For example, in the opening scene of this movie, Dylan and Jamie come to an agreement to only be friends with benefits and nothing more. They had affection towards each other but nothing was serious between the two as they only used each other for pleasure until the last part of the movie that they decided to be in relationship and live together. This part of the movie shows the Eros love between these two characters. Another type of love fined through a Greek term Is phalli.

Philip is a brotherly and family love. According to Adler, this type of love has give and take relationship: moreover it is a detached moral love, a concept developed by Aristotle. Its loyalty to friends, and family requires virtue, equality and familiarity; a general type of love that is used between family, friends, or lovers. For instance, I love my friends that are important and close to me like my family. Once my friend and her mom had a fight which resulted in her leaving the house for a certain amount of mime, my friend needed me to be there, to give her some advice.

I made sure that I did everything I possible could to make her happy and help her avoid stressing out over what happened earlier that day. I do care about my friends like they are my family so I cannot let them be hurt or feel alone. I always used to think that love only existed for one single person, the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with. However I never thought of family and friends as a type of love. This significance of Philip proves that this love is given and taken. When I respect and reaction in return.

It’s the love that is unbreakable, deep as well as treatable and meaningful. In fact we see some similarities attitude in Philip love and Agape. The last term of love is Agape, true, unconditional, unlimited and given love from Idler’s definition of agape, this love is selfless; it gives and expects nothing in return. It’s a kind of sacrificial and spiritual love, whether the love given is returned or not, the person continues to love. It is like unconditional love of God for us or mother love.

For my perspective, this is the true love, when a person can sacrifice their life and be able to forbear of anything only for us, they are the truth lover. As an example I can mention Gods love. When God is giving us everything that we need but we stay ungrateful and continue to pray for what we want instead of what we have like health and family. When we don’t appreciate God’s savings it shows how much God loves us as he keeps granting us the best for our lives. This example relates to Agape because it’s one way and unlimited.

God Just give us everything but he won’t stop loving and leasing us if we don’t love him back the same way as he does. Overall there are different types of love in this world as Alder mentioned, but the actual true love is agape. It doesn’t have to be only God, it can also be motherly love or any faithful partners that love each other more than anyone. The reason that all human beings are trying to achieve their goals is due to finding love and the sense of love to express them as best as they can. The sense of Eros, Philip and agape might be different but they all are feelings that touch our hearts.

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