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This paper will argue that childhood obesity flourishes in developed countries due to the poor education of society on the importance of the issue, the lack of nutritional access children and parents have, particularly those families whose household Income is categorized as middle-taco class, and the lack of legislation in place to promote healthy practices. 3 Mall Arguments: 1 . Educating children on the dangers of obesity and the Importance of good nutrition can certainly have an impact. Children should pay more attention to how much they’re eating and make a concerted effort to get daily physical activity.

A child that knows how to read a label on the back of a food container or soft drink can, will be enabled to see what in fact is going into his or her body and if it’s healthy to eat If you educate children more on the pros and cons of child obesity it will assist in reaching out to their parents as well, and help create a community that is mindful of the obesity issue facing both children and adults. Theoretical framework (critical lens): social cognitive theory Concept from course: Simplification of childhood or age of innocence -The role of advertising or the media campaign has on encouraging children.

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Children are exposed to a lot of food commercials for every hour of elevation they watch. These commercials are almost entirely for fast food, soft drinks, sweets, and sugar cereals. Consumers do indeed change their eating patterns to some degree based on advertising 2. The price of healthier food alternatives such as fruits and vegetable has rose significantly over the years. -Many high-calories food have lower prices than healthier food. These low prices therefore encourage households to buy and consumer more unhealthy items. The price of healthier alternatives of food such as, fruits and vegetables has increased more over the years. (At this point, I will tie in companies like Mac. Dona’s and Coca-Cola Pepsi Co who make billions of dollars off of children because their food and beverages are low-cost. Coca-Cola and Pepsi make profit off vending machines placed In schools. -Due to unhealthy alternatives being so low-cost families who range In the low-class or middle-class can only afford these foods and beverages, and therefore not encourage healthier alternatives instead. Promoting populations, like children, but also for populations that experience greater risks of or health, such as those with low income. Low-income people are at greater risk, yet also tend to have less access to healthier eating alternatives. Theoretical framework (critical lens): political economy Concept from course: social structures Parents today don’t earn a significant amount of money due to the lack of high paying jobs that are available in today’s economy; an important contributing factor such as the recession is the reason for low-paying Jobs today 3.

Child obesity is a complex problem for which there is no one solution. Obesity should be addressed as part of well-coordinated and integrated prevention programs and governments must align policies -Children and young people should have equitable access to health promoting activities and support -Addressing childhood obesity cannot be pursued in isolation, it must be considered within the context of other changes in public policy that are needed to reduce health inequities, poverty, and inequality. Theoretical framework (critical lens): political economy Concept from course: sociological imagination or power

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