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The story was well written, I was able to imagine the environment and I was able to see how Sophie would react on those given situations. Upon reading it, I also asked myself, “Who am Well I know who am l, but like Sophie, I also feel like questioning myself who am really l. Sometimes I question myself why did I do this, and oftentimes I can’t understand myself. I have always had a question about everything like Sophie. I feel like I am Sophie when I am reading this story.

I noticed that although the story s written as a textbook of philosophy, it really is a guide on how we as humans should approach our own lives. I was wondering throughout the book that was the main focus of the story. Was it Sophie or Hilled? But once I neared the end of the book, I realized that the books main character is a combination of the both, because Sophie and Hilled represent a direct translation to how we should react to philosophy and use it in our own lives, making us the real focus of the book. We find out that

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Albert is the model for Alberta, and that Hilled is the model of Sophie. This reminded me of the many children stories that my mom used to read me as a kid that had the parent in the book reading a story to their kid about another set of parent and kid. When the book started, I was unsure of what to think. The point of Sophie’s World Is to help us to question our own lives, and to help guide us through our own lives. I thought the book treated my intellectual side very well because of all the things I learned when the book described the philosophers.

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