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Inside this spacious room were kennels that had between 2 and 4 dogs in them. A couple of them only had 1 lonely dogs in them. This made me feel happy and sad being in this place. It made me happy because it brought In otherwise foodless, shelters, stray dogs Into a clean, disinfected, warm place to stay but on the other hand It made me sad because It made me realize how many dogs don’t have homes. In one of the kennels there was a black pitiful with a little, white spot on her chest. Her name was Sonny. There was another place that held the homeless dogs.

It was outside. The outside runs were nice and simple but yet fun enough for a cute dog to be widely entertained by it. On the ground were rubbery woodcocks and colorful rocks. In each corner was a light blue, plastic kiddies pool which water rippled in the afternoon breeze and a green mailbox by the entrance or the run. On the other side of the blue kiddies pool there was a fake, bright, firebrick red fire hydrant so the dogs had a cute place to do their lawful business on. When we took quiet, little Sonny out into the run she started sprinting. Boy!

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Could she run! She scurried around that run like crazy and when she finally was out of breath she trotted up to us and flopped down. Then she started barking Like mad. She had the weirdest bark Vive ever heard before. Now whenever she barks I know that Its her. One time I was walking Sonny the first week I got her there was an incident with a woman and her child. No, she didn’t get bit or anything like that, but it did impact me in a strong way. It was a nice, clear, blue asked day when I came upon her walking down the sandy road, which I live on.

She was on the sidewalk and we were about to walk past each other when she halted and stopped to stare stony eyed at my loving Sonny. Swiftly she stooped her curly haired, Barbie doll looking daughter with perfect ringlets gracefully falling down her pink polka-dotted dress. The woman then proceeded to cross the road onto the otherwise of the gravely road in which there was no sidewalk to trot along on. This made me feel very angry because she Judged my canine friend without even getting to know her but In that split second she made p her mind that all pulls are devils from Hell.

Every night Sonny’s soft Interior makes me feel bad for her and she gets her way so that she can sleep in my warm, comfy, plush bed. With many blankets and pillows me. We got her a plaid, tailored looking dog bed when we first got her so that she could drift off to sleep on that instead of the cold, hard floor. Do you think she wanted to sleep on it through the cold night? No way! Not when she could sleep with me! The place that we got her was a wonderful experience.

You had to go through a lot f paperwork and tests and you had to wait a lot time for them to call you back to see if they have accepted your application but in the end it was worth it for such a spectacular dog to have. There were many kennels which glistened as the light brushed crossed them which was a stunning sight to see, the whole place glimmered in like the morning sun. In each kennel there were many different dogs, big, small, cute and quirky, fat and ugly, all special in their own unique way. Besides, who doesn’t like a dog more than people anyway? Not me!

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