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In my organization we produce ready to eat sandwiches, so we need to extra 1. 1 care about hygiene and quality of our products. One of the way we doing it, is sending samples of our products to laboratory for micro testing. From couple months we start receiving bad results on our sandwiches. That’s continuous every week now so we’ve noticed is a problem that need to be solved In shortest time, otherwise it can have a big impact for the company.

If some of our customers will be poisoned by our food, than he can sue us or complain to OHO. In consequence we could be obligate to pay compensation, or in worst scenario our factory can get close by health officer. The owners of this problem, as people responsible for all aspects of production, were me and my colleague Supervisor JOE. As the problem has no obvious solution and it wasn’t something that we deal on daily basis I classified it as Difficult Problem I start my investigation with STOW analysis diagram.

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Strengths – good hygiene standards – good staff training Weaknesses – staff don’t really care – no enough control – old machinery – we can start check in place system – we can review operations procedures Opportunities some people my not understand why is operant to keep hygiene standards – risk of poison customer – bushiness closure – risk of physical contamination Threats 2. 1 Main symptom of the problem Is continuous bad micro tests results, I have used Chickasaws fishbone diagram to find out where exactly the problem is. In my diagram I enclose possible fails in black boxes, I mark reasons in red and solutions in green.

By analyzing the diagram I found next possible problems and solutions: Procedures we currently using can be old, so we need to review them. (Review shows that procedures where actual) Ingredients we’re using can be contaminated, so we eave send them to micrometers (Results shows that ingredients where free of bacteria’s) Some of our old machines may be damaged and souse some leaks, so we arranged machinery check with our maintenance team (Check result shows that machines are in good condition) Equipment and containers we using can be old or damaged (After check we didn’t found any of above) 2. The last “bone” of my diagram where staff, as any of other problems where not founded I tried to go deeper with that question. I have used another table to find exact problems and their solutions. The Symptom The Problem The Solution

Workers not washing their hands properly Staff is not train properly Production is not controlled enough Retrain Workers not changing their gloves when necessary Workers using equipment which is not clean properly CATV installation additional supervisor designate two staff to be team leaders Workers not clean machinery with care Clean equipment is not always sanitize before use My investigation shows there could be two problems that souse all above symptoms, as additional staff training didn’t change anything I found that problem souse rise amount of bacteria is that staff is not controlled enough during production.

Reason for this situation is that me and my colleague have to much work to do, so we are no able to spend all time watching and controller our staff. I found three possible solution of this problem installation of CATV system employee additional supervisor designate two responsible workers to be team leaders 3. 1 1 has to decide which one will be best for our company.

O Benefits -no additional courses needed -recorded evidence – another fully qualified person – spread supervisor work – constant control of staff – faster production Accuracy It will help control staff but we can always miss something If we consider days off and holiday it sill gives us 2 supervisors on duty for much time Staff will be controlled all time, even if one of team leaders is off we’ve got other to cover him Hindrances – time spending on washing records – Not really helpful in current situation possible hours drop, soused by faster production In decision making table I’ve grade all options with 15 points for best solution for current criterion, 5 for worst and 10 for average one. Also I deducted points, for options with biggest hindrances 15, 10 for average and 5 for less affected.

After all analysis I have decided that the best option is is designate 2 responsible staff to be team leaders, if we look forward is not cheapest option but this is what we need in my opinion. 4. 1 Once decision been made it comes time to consider who will be involved in that elution. Production Manager – as person managing all factory is naturally involved in any important decisions or procedures changes also everything needs his agreement. Currently his not committed with this solution to implement it he must be proactive. HRS Manager – involved as person responsible for any contracts changes and also have something to say in occasion of any promotions.

Currently his also not committed and I need him to support my idea Director – is another person that must approve all nominations. Currently his not committee but also not opposed, he waiting for Production Manager opinion. Supervisors – me and JOE, as persons responsible for production area. JOE is supporting me with my solution but I need him to be more proactive to help me committed managers. Nominated workers – as persons designated by me and JOE for promotion. They are happy with opportunity I also need them to be more proactive. All staff – involved as people volumes by changes. Fortunately I don’t need their opinion to implement my solution.

Opposed or not committed Neither opposed or committed Supportive Supportive and proactive Production Manager Currently here Need to move to here HRS Manager Currently here Director Supervisor JOE Need to move o here Nominated workers Unfortunately Managers where not happy with my proposal, they thought that me and my colleague should deal with this by ourselves. I decide to present this situation on picture. Main argument of my opponents in this discussion was quite low production on our site, but I convinced them, that with teamsters we can work faster, as staff will be under controller for all time, so they will feel moor pressure.

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