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Case Reading talks about the Stammered Company begins in 2007 was near bankrupt, that the former owners had not innovated since innovation is essential for the market leader. After this a friend of the day, calls to ask who wants to buy a company. After he bought the company, Yuba Cohen, calls and offers to be part of the company, and for this he was president of Nikkei Israel business. But he accepted the new challenge of the beverage market.

Once the head of the company formed, they began with the ironical, hire qualified staff for huge challenge of facing the big companies like Coke and Pepsi. They knew they had to use an aggressive marketing, in which one of them was to make consumers aware, all waste cans after use. And it was employed for a cage in which the different types of cans showed people threw out against a single base plate. Thus create environmental awareness, taking a great advantage to its competitors, so much so that Coke sent a letter to the company by claiming that the bottles were Coke. Also they focused on distribution. Seven years ago Were

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Stammered products sold In 13 country clubs and 25,000 stores. Today we’re In 45 country clubs and 60,000 stores. Of Those stores, 16,000 are in the United States – Including Bed Bath & Beyond, Walter, Target, Williams-Sonoma, Macy’s, and Staples. CEO of Stammered but decided that most advertising had to be in the Super Bowl, and sporting event that generates much expectation both athletically and trade as these are million dollar advertisements. Then for the marketing department would be a lot of money, compared to coke which has a much larger budget for advertising. And In fact this year 2014 they repeated.

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