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Now a yearss societal workers are expected to compose their studies in a consistent manner, warranting it utilizing theory and research. Sociology offers some of import societal theories, which provide accounts and reviews of human behaviour, societal actions and interactions every bit good as the establishments and the constructions of society. The fact that societal work is concerned with societal alteration and job resolution is exactly why sociology is of import to societal work.In this essay I have selected two sociological theories – to analyze and understand Ms.

B ‘s state of affairs. I will be using these theories to my apprehension of my place as a societal worker. The essay will besides see how these theories or positions helped my thought about Ms.

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B ‘s state of affairs and how these theories or positions were unhelpful in my apprehension of Ms. B ‘s state of affairs. In this essay I will besides see what other theory might hold been applied, and as an built-in portion of the essay, sing anti-oppressive and anti-discriminatory pattern.Functionalism positions society made up from legion interconnected parts which together form a system. The basic portion of this dislocation is the society, and its assortment of parts can be understood in footings of their corporate relationship. In the initial phases of this theory Functionalism drew comparings between society and the human organic structure. Chiefly this comparing existed since they viewed the society operating in theory in a similar manner of the human organic structure.Therefore, for one to understand the map of an organ in the human atonomy, for illustration the bosom, it is indispensable to understand its relationship with the other variety meats in the human organic structure and particularly, its part towards the maintaining of the being.

Therefore, functionalism argues that, an analysis and scrutiny of the operation of society is hence of import as it illustrates its relationship with the other parts of society, and most significantly, its part to the care of society.Harmonizing to Emile Durkheim ( 1895 ) , the laminitis of Functionalism, offense and aberrance are normal and necessary. Given that they are found in all societies, functionalists argue that it is a signifier of societal alteration, as through aberrance the society would larn about the recognized behavior. However, excessively much offense can convey on a province of ‘ anomy ‘ , which is a province of normlessness in society. This arises when cultural ends and structural agencies of accomplishing those ends is imbalanced. The anomie province would ensue in conflicting the understanding of the operation of society. Durkheim described the province of anomy as ‘a feeling of purposelessness or desperation.

.. traditional moral controls and criterions are mostly broken down… this leaves many persons in society experiencing deficiency of intending in their day-to-day lives ‘ .

Giddens ( 2006, p 14 )Durkheim ( 1895 ) suggested that the theory of Merton gives an thought of the persons who have high outlooks and are unable to carry through them through structural agencies so ‘strain occurs ‘ . Robert Merton ‘s ( 1938 ) ‘Strain theory ‘ modified the Durkheim’sA ‘Anomie ‘ to mention to the strain put on persons when accepted norms struggle with world.While the symbolic interactionalist theory are more concerned with bureaus of societal control ; how they label certain behaviour as pervert and the effects of these labels. Interactionists dispute the functionalist premise that there is an understanding throughout society as to what behaviour is condemnable or aberrant. They aimed to happen out why certain behaviour was labeled as felon or pervert in some contexts but non in others.Howard Becker was one of the instigators of the labelling theory, he stated that “ Social groups create aberrance by doing the regulations whose misdemeanors constitute aberrance, and by using these regulations to peculiar people and labelling them as foreigners ” .RefereeThe labelling theory expressions at how the societal response to offense is made and how certain behavior comes to be considered aberrant or condemnable. Labeling theory besides suggests that the really infliction of societal judgements on certain persons, helps turn those persons even more into waies of criminalism that have been already identified.

The labelling becomes a self-fulfillment prognostication as the stigma, or label, merely pushes the wrongdoer further in the way of criminalism. In simple footings, give a Canis familiaris a bad name he will go a bad Canis familiaris, A Llewellynet Al ( 2001, p 90 ).The theoretical preparations of Colley ( 1992 ) and Mead ( 1934 ) have served as a beginning when seeking to understand the self-fulfilling prognostication. They both argue that societal interaction is the footing upon which an person formulates his or her self-concept.

Cooley and Mead theoretical accounts give illustrations of the person ‘s construct which arises through interaction with other members of the society that constitute his/her important societal circle. Specifically, the societal looking glass theory postulates that one ‘s self-conception is determined by the manner in which it is reflected or mirrored through the eyes of the other people involved,Allen ( 2001, p 58 ) .As a SW, I believe it is my duty to seek to truly understand the SU ‘s state of affairs, from their position. Thinking about Ms. B ‘s state of affairs, in footings of the two theories is really utile to me as a SW as sociological theories are helpful in supplying penetrations into the positions of the SU. Therefore these two theories are helpful in assisting to place how Ms B ‘s state of affairs may hold come to being constructed and, so can be understood.For illustration, functionalism could assist me understand Ms.

B ‘s state of affairs from the position of Ms. B ‘s civilization, race, gender and mental wellness position: Ms. B could potentially, be multiply discriminated against along any of these.Analyzing and analyzing the SU ‘s jobs in a functionalist position can, hence, give construction to my apprehension of the job as a societal worker. Particularly in footings of how SU ‘s might be discriminated or oppressed against,Dominelli ( 2002 ) .For case, in Ms B.

instance, a functionalist analysis to her state of affairs would see the behaviour of Ms B. as pervert, because it is forestalling her from take parting in society. She is seen as unable to carry through her function as a female parent and her societal interactions are affected. Supposing that she has license to work, it would be non possible for her to happen or keep a occupation due to her aberrant behaviour.Functionalists would see this as a “ defective socialisation ” . Furthermore functionalism would see this state of affairs as bing to society, as a consequence non lending to the care of the society operation.

This mistake in socialisation has to be fixed in order for Ms B. to to the full take part in society and contribute in its care ; as a consequence the label put on her would be a signifier of societal control. However as a effect to the label, Ms B. would experience that her civilization, race and gender are non taken into history and that she is being discriminated against, she may experience laden and at the same clip socially stigmatized.The Robert Merton ‘s ( 1938 ) ‘Strain theory ‘ would be really helpful in better apprehension Ms B. behaviour. Durkheim ( 1895 ) suggested that the theory of Merton gives an thought of the persons who have high outlooks and are unable to carry through them through structural agencies so ‘strain occurs ‘ .

Robert Merton ‘s ( 1938 ) ‘Strain theory ‘ modified the Durkheim ‘s ‘Anomie ‘ to mention to the strain put on persons when accepted norms struggle with world.RefereeAssociating this to the instance of Ms B, her asspiration to come in paid employment does non co-occur with her in-migration position. Therefore this disparity between desires and fulfilment will be felt in aberrant motive. Evenmore this could be the point where Mrs B feels the strain and as a consequence deviates from the societies norms.Due to the assortment of jobs that Ms B. is presently confronting, Agnew ( 1992 ) in Levinson ( 2002 ) would give another functionalist position to better understand her reaction to the label.

He argues how the strain theory can take to other aberrant acceptances. Agnew criticizes the earlier strain theory, he argued that strain theory should‘generalizethe construct to include all negative dealingss with others, instead than merely the negative dealingss that are the consequence of endeavoring from inedible, but culturally mandated ends ‘.Levinson ( 2002, p 79) .“ It is non so much the alone quality no any individual event but the accretion of several nerve-racking events within a comparatively short clip span that is eventful ” ) Agnew ( 1992, ) as cited inLevinson ( 2002, p 62-63 ) .Ms B. in-migration position may experience really suppressing to her. By non taking the medicine prescribed every bit good as responding in a aberrant manner, is the lone manner in which Ms B.

can demo her choler, which is accumulated by many issues during a short clip. Agnew placed great importance to the feeling of ‘anger ‘ as he argued that ‘choler is the cardinal emotion because it increases the person ‘s degree of felt hurt, creates a desire for retaliation/revenge, energizes the person for action, and lowers suppressions, in portion because persons believe that others will experience their aggression is justified ‘as cited inLevinson ( 2002, p 60 ) .While functionalism helped me to reflect on the possible ways a individual can be discriminated against ; even more it placed a great accent on my apprehension of the importance of being culturally competent, particularly in the profession of societal work. In the other manus the labelling theory non merely take me to a deeper apprehension of Ms B state of affairss but besides, helped me to understand the possible start of Ms B ‘s aberrance behaviour.

For case, one time the label of ‘mental ailment ‘ was given to Ms B, she may good hold chosen to merely form her life around that label and follow the new individuality that was endorsed on her. In this manner the ego carry throughing prognostication comes into drama. The act of labelling Ms B as person with scrixophenia would had an inauspicious consequence on her future behavior.

Aberrance can be defined as a failure to conform to culturally expected norms of behavior, which reflect the dominant values and regulations of groups or society in a given period, Llewellynet Al ( 2002, p 90 ) .As the labelling theory argues that the individual is categorized and classified as pervert ; the stereotypic individual has their individuality reinforced, which in bend promotes the aberrant behavior that it is intended to forestall, Llewellynet Al ( 2002, p 90 ) .When reading and using the functionalist theory, it is obvious that this theory assumes that the in-between category values are accepted throughout society. Therefore whoever deviates from this values it is regarded as holding a defective socialisation. Even more as we see on the Anomie theory and the altered strain theory, one can understand that there is an premise that everyone aspires the same degree of success.

The labelling theory has been really helpful in developing policies, such as ‘diversion ‘ from the tribunals and the condemnable justness systems. However the labelling theory has its ain restrictions, it can be argued that it is excessively deterministic as it assumes that the pervert will accept the label, some people fight against the label and turn out it incorrect. Equally good as it does non see the procedure that lead to the aberrant behaviour.There are other sociological theories that could besides hold helped to explicate other facets of Ms. B ‘s life, such as her life in poorness, which can take Ms. B to be discriminated against and oppressed by mainstream society. Marxism struggle theory and anti-racist theory/black positions, would hold been helpful in accomplishing a bigger image of Ms B state of affairs.

For illustration Marxist would reason that Ms B is being oppressed against due to her societal category, poorness and her ethnicity. There are past and current surveies to demo that “ a high figure of people from black ethnicities, are being diagnosed with schizophrenic disorder, with some surveies describing between two to eight times higher rates of diagnosing, compared to the White population ” ( accessed 16/12/09 ) .

Even more the past detainment of Ms B under the mental wellness act would co-occur with the fact that “ people from black ethnicities are more likely to be held under the Mental Health Act, and to have medicine instead than be offered therapies such as psychotherapeutics ” ( accessed 16/12/09 ) .

Using the black women’s rightist theories could hold explored more about Ms B current state of affairs, Black women’s rightist would reason that Ms B may be confronting subjugation from her spouse every bit good as they would reason about the mental label being ascribed to her as a consequence of her gender but most significantly her ethnicity. Besides “ it is of import to observe that merely the difference between Black Caribbean adult females and White adult females can be considered as statistically important ” ( accessed: 28/12/09 )In drumhead, it is obvious that actively sing and utilizing sociological theories can let meaningful analyses of the SUs ‘ problems.A As a consequence the SW pattern becomes applied more, and of more usage to the SUs ‘ . Theories would supply informed solutions to SU ‘s jobs in a more anti-oppressive and anti-discriminatory mode( Dominelli, 2002 ) .

AIn decision one of the barriers to societal work engagement would be when service users are viewed in a stereotyped manner, by the societal worker. Every person has a alone position of the universe, and as such should be treated as an single regardless of unwellness, coloring material or belief system. It is of import that those in demand of aid and counsel be given entree to it, and that the best possible result for the service user, is secured. This should be done with the aid and support of all those involved, including wellness attention professionals, societal workers and the service users themselves, in order to enable persons to go more independent and re-integrated back into society.


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