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The Imagination The Sociological The selection gave a clearer view of the shallowness of human existence. It pointed out that human thinking is far from what the mind should perceive in his situation. We are being played upon by our past, our current situation; historical events happened before us and society wide changes in our surroundings. We are not conscientious to his connection to the totality of what and how changes in society effect us.

The personal impacts ‘sociological Imagination’ brought to me are, It made me realize that I am containing myself in the privacy I am trapped to. It made me realize that I unconsciously never knew that the changes and differences made to the society is directly hitting me. The article exposed that my apparently very private problem is linked to the important social issues of the society I belong to. The points of enlightenment I realized after reading the selection are, first, I am part of the society as a whole. I as a special component of the society am related to others who are components of the society as well.

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My existence to the society made a variety In the social order of the society I belonged to. This gave a difference to other existing societies. I have different needs, perspectives, practice and position in the society. I am being enlightened to the fact that the social structure belonged to stand in the course of history wherein facts and knowledge are easily gathered for further development of the society, thus, this society I belong to is a moving society, it hangers and It develops as one Individual Integrates himself to the society by being aware of his part and function for the society.

We are In the age of history wherein things we know and things we are right now are affecting what will be our situation for the next course of time. , I am being enlightened that we should be more aware of the decisions we will be doing for they might affect the next batch of aware individuals. I am enlightened to the fact that individual differences prevails now, examples would be preferences that are currently trending. The article made me ware that there will be more differences soon to prevail more, gender wise, age wise and preference wise.

These preferences were repressed by the dominant choices, being supported by majority, being liberated by the free thinkers, and being banned by the sensitive. I am able to integrate myself to the world by being more aware of how my existence mattered to the society. I will open my eyes to what is actually happening and not move and act according to my own private secret. I am able to Integrate My personal example of trouble would be my overreaction when my private Houghton and problems are being threatened.

Example would be the value I cherished, like the way I reacted when some people no longer do ” Mann ” to elders even people. I found it as a trouble because it is a private issue for me and I felt it was being disrespectful to my view. But issue would be the fact that people who no longer make “Mann” has no sense of history and culture respect, for we are known to be a culture of respect. This time, the same thing I found to be trouble was an issue since it is overlapping not only to my personal thought but as well as social and historical cases.

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