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Mr.. Raja Kapok “As a student of The American university in Dubbed, I pledge that all tests taken by me and that all work submitted by me will be original and solely the results of my own efforts. Furthermore, as a student and member of the academic community of The American University in Dubbed, I am bound to uphold standards of personal integrity and honesty and to accept my personal, academic and professional responsibilities in the community.

Specifically, I pledge: to adhere to the university policy on cheating and plagiarism; not to Lie or steal In my university undertakings; not to evade the truth or deceive; to inform the appropriate faculty member and Dean, Associate Dean or Chair of my School or Department of any and all cases of academic dishonesty and violations of the Honor Code. ” What are some real world examples of what companies do to act In a socially responsible way towards customers? Towards employees? A business attempts to balance its commitments to relevant groups and individuals in its social environment”.

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Many companies excel in this area, but I chose to write about a little company called “Google”. Google is known for treating their employees very well. First of all, employees can enjoy free breakfast, lunch and dinner with over twenty-five cafe©’s in the campus. Furthermore, Google offers free wine and beer every Friday, in order for the employees to socialize and make new acquaintances. Then, employees can give each other “massage credits” which can be redeemed with a one hour long massage, on campus.

Moreover, when an employee asks for maternity leave, Google not only gives up to 16 weeks of paid leave to the mother, but also includes the father giving him 3 weeks of paid leave. Now, this is a very high standard. Second of all, Google is also keen on giving back to the community. In the past three years, Google has donated over $353 million in grants worldwide, approximately $3 billion in free ads, papas and products, and Goggles have volunteered approximately 6,200 total days of employee time to support nonprofits (a total of 1 50,000 hours).

Furthermore, in partnership with the Media Trust and Charity Technology Trust, launched a new campaign in 2013 to help 30,000 of Britain’s smallest charities boost their fundraising through online tools and the Internet. The ‘Grow Your Charity Online’ initiative will provide free training and tools for smaller charities across the country. Lastly, Google is socially responsible towards their customers, by allowing everyone to use it free of charge. Google does not make profit on people.

Their profits are made with the company shares on the stock exchange, and through advertising. Not many companies in the world give their services free of charge, but Google is amongst them. Being a socially responsible company is everything now days. The overall statement that a company like Google is making is that having goals and a vision that go beyond products and profits, definitely provides a warmer image of a business that consumers and employees will be more eager to engage with.

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