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Situation Stress is a serious problem nowadays in Hong Kong. No one in Hong Kong is exempt from stress, the poor struggle to make ends meet, the rich worry about their investments because they are afraid of losing their wealth while the middle-class work so hard in order to collect a critical mass of investment money so that they may join their rich neighbors. No matter children, teenagers or adult, are also having short-term or long-term stress.

Teenagers having stress due to their parent, friends r school works and adult having stress due to family burden and workplace. Some of the teenagers and adult do not know how to deal with stress and therefore committed seclude and feel depressed all the time. 2. Causes Those stress teenagers felt are usually comes from different aspect, such as school, family and friends. For school, moving to a new school, academic result and homework, performances on extracurricular activities would be the causes of stress since teenagers concern about these the most.

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For family, parents who are giving high expectations are also one of the main cause since lots of teenagers care about owe parents fell about themselves and worry about they cannot reach the target which parent had given to them. For friends, having good or bad relationship with friends are also a factor which affecting teenagers feelings. Adults feel stressful usually because of family burden and workplace stress. They are worrying about there are enough money for their family to malignant living expenses or not and facing lay off employees crisis.

Therefore, they will feel stressful all the time. 3. Problems Parent put loads of hope on to their children and willing to have reciprocation in heir retirement life. They are hoping that their children can have a good academic result and work very hard on their public exam thus can find an ideal Job. Therefore, they will push their children so hard to achieve their expectation but they never understand how stressful children feel. Once children cannot cope with their stress, they may have low self-esteem or even commit suicide.

Since adult are facing more serious stress which come from workplace by their boss and family by their children and living expenses, they may take not enough rest thus having health problem. For hysterical Illness, Including heart disease, headache, diabetes, obesity and asthma. Mental illness including depression and anxiety. All of the above due to people themselves lots of pressure. 4. Effects on individuals & society For individual, workplace stress whether positive or negative, they can also affect personal and professional behaviors. Workplace stress isn’t always negative.

Positive workplace stress is called a challenge. Employers challenge employee’s to help them grow and create success individually. Positive workplace stress can help employees reach deadlines, become well-rounded and increase productivity, but it is the active stress that make the workplace a hazardous environment. For society, people nowadays live very busy lives. Life is changing so fast that it demands so much from humanity. Thus, causing people to miss out on more important things than earning money. Too much work can cause stress, this is the reason why people need to travel, relax from it all.

Being away from what causes tension and pressure in your life can do so much for your health. Aside from that, learning how to balance your career and personal life will definitely slow down the ageing process, as stress can cause people to age faster. That is why people should learn the value and importance of taking a break once in a while, it does not matter you go or how much you spend. What is important is that give yourself the chance to breathe and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. 5. Benefits & Drawbacks Having stress are not always discourage people since there are good stress other than bad stress.

Stress can motivate people work harder. For example, like getting ready to go to a big game or show, or sitting down for a final exam. A little of this stress can help driving us and ready to rise to a challenge. However, pressures that re too intense or last too long, or troubles that are shouldered alone, can cause people to feel stress overload. Some people may have anxiety problems caused by stress. That can cause them to overreact to stress, making even small difficulties seem like crises. If a person frequently feels tense, upset, worried, or stressed, it may be a sign of anxiety.

Anxiety problems usually need attention, and many people turn to professional counselors for help in overcoming them. 6. Solution To coping with stress, we can do regular exercise. It is a great way to lower our stress. While exercising, we can focus on what we are doing with our body, which helps free our mind from other worries. We don’t have to do vigorous exercise. Even something as basic as walking for half an hour can help you relax and improve your mood. Moreover, Journaling is also an effective way to cope with stress. If we enjoy writing, this can be a good way to De-stress.

By writing your thoughts and feelings down on paper, we will likely feel less stressed. Also, we can have a good cry. We can crying to a supportive friend, family member, or to our pillow, this can also help us De-stress. But that’s really not true. If crying helps you communicate your frustration, vent your stress, and get some support, then, there is nothing wrong with a good cry. 7. Future development I suggest that the government can adopt a systematic approach in keeping up-to- date data information so as to identify the young people suffering from stress and give necessary help.

Also, I recommend the government to draw overseas experiences on other countries about the policy on coping long-term stress and how to be successful in educating the public on the importance of mental health. Moreover, encourage youth participation in promoting mental health can let them understand more about the importance of mental health. We recommend the government and community service organizations to encourage young people to take part in activities on promoting mental health. For example, by asking young people to host promotional programmers.

Government should also provide training opportunities to young people so that they can not only handle their own emotional problems better, but also know how to help their peers. 8. Effectiveness of the present policies The present policies: >The company will identify all workplace stresses and conduct risk assessments to eliminate stress or control the risks from stress. These risk assessments will be regularly reviewed. >The company will consult with Trade Union Safety Representatives on all proposed action relating to the prevention of workplace stress. The company will provide training for all managers and supervisory staff in good management practices. >The company will provide confidential counseling for staff affected by stress caused by either work or external factors. >The company will provide adequate resources to enable managers to implement the company’s agreed stress management strategy. Since the above policies can prevent the formation of stress and thus provide a high effectiveness of avoiding the staff from sticking in stressful situation. 9.

Views from different perspectives In school, there are so many subjects to learn, then there is the extra-curricular activities and the after school tutoring. This is the life of a typical Hong Kong student. Children in Hong Kong are expected to develop multiple intelligences. They need to excel in sports, music or even art. They need to build up a portfolio of achievements. Therefore, their stress are not less than adult since they need to face the public exam n the future. Once they cannot get into the university, they may feel frustrated and low self-esteem.

Stress can motivate people and also collapsing people’s mind. On ourselves. We feel guilty about being snappy with our family members, but the next time we see them, we are still snappy because we dare not be snappy with people outside. By the time we get home, our tempers are not good and we are snappy with those closest to us. It becomes a vicious cycle. 10. Relevant data The Health and Safety Executive define stress as “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demand placed on them”.

This makes an important distinction between pressure, which can be a positive state if managed correctly, and stress which can be detrimental to health. With China’s economy rising so fast, Hong Kong stands in constant fear of losing its competitive edge. This puts a lot of stress on working parents and labor force, who are constantly driven to better themselves. Many people may choose to study for further degrees because they want to increase their competitiveness. However, this will make them adding more stress to their demanding lives. 1 .

Relevant government departments & concern groups The HUSSAR government currently provides comprehensive mental health care services to young people. It is advisable to set up long-term policies with an emphasis on coordination. The Department of Health and Human Services (HAS) is the United States government’s principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services, especially for those who are least able to help themselves. The Office on Women’s Health (OOH), part of the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HAS), works to improve the health and ensue of well-being of all U.

S. Women and girls. OOH serves as the focal point for women’s health activities across HAS offices and agencies and leads HAS efforts to ensure that all women and girls achieve the best possible health. Sow’s mission is to provide national leadership and coordination to improve the health of women and girls through policy, education, and model programs. 12. My reflection I think that stressful situations can test our strength, for sure. Whatever we are facing, stress can be a motivation to motivate us to think through the situation, accept he emotions we feel.

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