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When both John and his father made eye contact with each other in the department store Characters: Young Harcourt: a young boy of lower class Grace: a smart, independent, high-class young girl Father: The father’s wish to live in the past What is the conflict? Internal- Man vs. Himself/ He lacked confidence in himself because he Grace’s family as a high status family and his family as a lower class status.

The only reason John as a problem with Grace is because he has a problem with himself, he is self- conscious External, Man vs. Man/ John assumes that Grace Is a snob because she Is rich and wouldn’t like his family, However Grace is actually nice and humble. John Is only assuming there traits of Grace because she Is of higher class. Theme: Do not Judge a book by Its cover. This means that you shouldn’t Judge somebody based on their appearance or social status.

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John believes Grace Is a snob cause she’s rich. We learned that throughout the story that Grace Is not a snob, she’s nice, humble and down to earth. How does young Harcourt solve his problem? John Ignores his father In the book store, but regrets It as he Is leaving. He knows It will be an awkward situation at home and takes his anger out on Grace. He blames her for the resentment of his father, saying that she wouldn’t have liked him because she only Likes people In her class.

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