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This document contains the proposal for a 2014 Electronics Engineering senior project at the Polytechnic university of the Philippines. The project being proposed Is an automated parking lot assistant that directs traffic to the closest available parking spots. This project contains both an Orlando hardware and software component. The automated parking lot will be demonstrated on the final day of classes Fall Semester 2014. 2 Introduction: The idea stems from a common obsession to get the closest parking spot.

The motivation for the project is to solve a problem many commuters face when aimlessly circling a parking lot. Our solution is to visually show vacant parking spots with traffic lights at the edges of parking rows. If a given row contains a vacant spot, the light will show green; likewise if a given row is entirely full, the light will show red. When entering a parking lot, the driver will no longer need to circle the lot to find the closest spot, he will simply need to look at the lights and identify the closest row with a green light. The next obvious question Is how to detect the vacant spaces from the occupied spaces?

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One easy solution would be to install some sort of sensor In every parking spot. Any number of sensors could be used, Like Induction sensors found at Intersections or laser sensors. The problem with Installing sensors In every parking space Is that It would be impractical In most situations. The cost to install such a system in an already existing parking lot would be too great, not to mention the cost of each individual sensor. Our solution is to install only a handful of cameras, each with the ability to monitor the occupancy of any parking spaces.

In a real world application the system will consist of several cameras mounted high enough to obtain a bird’s eye view off parking lot. In most applications, the cameras will be mounted to light poles that are commonly found in most parking lots. Each camera will send its images to a central server that will process the image and determine the occupancy of each space. The server will In turn command the traffic lights to change between green and red. Our team proposes to demonstrate the functionality of this automated parking lot system In two ways. The first will be a live real-world demonstration. Sing at least one wireless Internet camera we can monitor any parking lot, near or far away. The camera will need to be kept indoors and out of the elements, so we will locate a suitable parking lot adjacent to a tall building. Whatever spaces the camera is able to capture, are the ones we will monitor and demonstrate. This same camera will be placed early in development to allow our system to be tested against many different situations. This allows for our second method of demonstration, to replay a few interesting according, such as night, large crowds, and possibly snow.

The traffic lights will not be installed for the demonstration, but rather shown on sight using small LED lights. Conclusion Smart Lot Is an excellent senior project. The project proposes both an original hardware and software component, which allows us to show off our computer engineering knowledge and skills. Not only does It provide a challenging learning experience for those Involved, but we believe It will Improve the quality of everyday life for students commuting to school. Smart Lot is both something we can

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