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One of my strengths is that I do the hard stuff first. For example, once the worst part of the project is done or my worst subject is over with, the rest will be easier to finish off. Another strength is that I schedule everything that I do. I use a calendar to write down my class time, social events, work times, and homework schedule. Organizing my time by using a calendar is a good overview of how the day will unfold. That day, I won’t get stressed out or unrecognized. Finally, goals would be one of my strengths.

They keep me focused, motivated, and persistent. The reason why goals are important is because being motivated will keep you working hard. I need to make some improvements for my time management. One of the improvements I have to make is that I should review my notes prior to class because it demonstrates to my professor that I am prepared and interested. I need to improve by setting up a deadline because It allows me to prevent distractions from getting In the way, but it also helps me to get the task done. I need to stop multitasking.

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It Is nee of the typical things I do while studying. The reason why I want to stop multitasking is because I will get my work done faster and more efficiently. I think our minds work better If we focus and concentrate on one thing. I would like to change my flexibility with my schedule. I would love to have a balance life because it will reduce stress and build up positive attitude towards my studies. Another thing I would like to change Is put more time Into my school work and studies because you will be productive and you can get efficient results by putting mime on your school work.

Another reason why I would put more time with school Is when I study, I will remember everything that I study and I will also understand the concept of my studying materials. Lastly, I would Like to change my sleep schedule. I typically get 6 hours of sleep. I would love to get more sleep. It will make me more productive towards my studies which Is my top prattles. Sleeping Is generally good for your health. It will help you pay attention for long lectures as well.

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