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Our sense of identity is strengthen through adapting to the changing environment. At a point in life, every Individual is likely to move from one place to another; whether it is moving houses, schools or even countries. When this happens, it is essential that we embrace the new environment as well as being able to make connections with people that we are unfamiliar with.

Simons Lazar In The Aslant Disease’ from Growing up Aslant In Australia describes how newer Immigrants “mowed their lawns” and “learned how to barbecue sausages”, reasoning that “we come to Australia, we just learn to be Australian”, thus confirming how migrants have to get used to the lifestyles and the culture that they are surrounded by in order to fully assimilate into the distinct country and gain a sense of belonging. Similarly a person can feel empowered by accepting the change of relationships.

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When I first came to Australia four years ago, the fear of the unfamiliar environment had overwhelmed me so much that I almost cried myself to sleep everything. I was not until I took my first step to develop new friendship with my classmates and neighbors that I once again liaised life was Interesting and hopeful. Indeed, there are times that we need to embrace the new landscape around us and be able to associate others as a means to develop and fulfill our sense of self.

Furthermore, one should accept unexpected challenges and find ways to resolve them when they occur in life. There can be many situations that threaten our sense of identity: how others forge a prejudicial view on us, the inability to fit in and belong, or even a natural disaster that falls upon us. In 2011, when the Queensland flood truck disaster, all members of Australia Joined forces and offered their aid and support.

More than 55,000 volunteers registered to clean up the streets of Brisbane. Politicians, world leaders, opponents and people from all over the nation were united in a rare moment, due to the commonality Inherent In human nature – the capacity for empathy. Perhaps It takes calamity or adversity to teach us the things that we should have already learned, driving us to accept these new challenges and changes and search for solutions to overcome them.

Likewise, Simons Lazars father armed himself with tokens of respectability with his “BBC accent and [his] new car”‘ against the Perth police who were contemptuous of his dark skin. Despite the society preconceptions and assumptions of our true self, we should all be able to assert ourselves as self integrity is more important than prejudice. Hence, it is only through conquering new challenges and difficulties that we have not encountered before, that our identity can be shaped and completed.

Despite the benefits we receive from accepting changes and hardships, sometimes e may lose our real Identity if we are completely conform to the society changes. This Is crystallites In Omen Leotard’s poem ‘Be Good Little Migrants’, which makes the point that migrants who move to Australia must know their place and follow the rules In order to malignant social cohesion. However, by silencing their voices and reducing their person hood, the cost to their identity is detrimental and significant. Clearly, surrounding them engage in a certain activity.

This is seen in the problem of ‘binge ranking and ‘booze culture’ that has recently come to the fore, demonstrating how teenagers struggle to defy the pressure exerted on them by their peer group, and hence, lose touch with their inner identity and stifle their true expression to speak up for their real needs and desires. Indeed, when we force ourselves to alter our values and beliefs to complement those around us, we can easily lose touch with our sense of self and become ‘an invisible’ amongst the collective.

Individuals should all be able to adapt to their new surroundings as well as having the courage to accept and unique new challenges when they arise. However, it is important that we assert our true selves under the forces and commands of the group, and not simply follow and obey the instructions given to us. By achieving so, one can fully refine their identity and mature in time. Ultimately, the search for identity is complex and we should all be able to embrace changes that happen around us. As captured in the words of Whittle “that” life exists, and identity; that the powerful places go on and you will contribute a verse.

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