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“The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell, General Croft, who hunts humans for pleasure, shows an Important trait of pride from his behavior. General Croft expresses his pride when he had an absorbing conversation with Rainstorm, who is also a big-game hunter like General Croft, about being a superior hunter. “Hunting had become too easy… There is no greater bore than perfection” (Connell 12). Croft reveals his narcissism by saying that he is too perfect to hunt animals. He claims that the animals are no challenge for him anymore by the act that pursuing them started to bore him.

General Croft shows to be prideful when he believes that no one can conquer his new game of hunting. “And If they The smile on the general’s face widened. To date I have not lost,’ he said” (Connell 16). General Croft demonstrates his vanity by indicating how he never lost to any human during his hunts against them. When his smile widened to Raindrop’s question, Croft demonstrates vanity by indicating how he is proud that he never lost to any human during his dangerous hunts against them. “l give them three hours’ start… F my quarry eludes me for three whole days, he wins the game” (Connell 16).

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Glenn his quarries a head start, Croft Is confident and prideful that he Is going to triumph In defeating them. Croft also shows his pride and egotism by stating that his game of hunting is amusing, and how killing humans isn’t murder. “You will be amused, I know. I think I may say in all modesty, that I have done a rare thing. I have invented a new sensation” (Connell 10). By claiming this, Croft is arrogant enough to say that Rainstorm will be amused with his new game right off the at even though he did not even tell him yet. L am strong. Why should I not use my gift? If I wish to hunt, why should I not?… A thoroughbred horse or hound Is worth more than a score of them” (Connell 14). General Croft claims that killing humans isn’t murder because he believes that they are not worth living, so he kills them. He expresses his pride by saying that he has a gift of hunting, and that there is no wrong doing in hunting his prisoners. In all certainty, General Croft is a cold-hearted fellow who has a big ego.

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