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The purpose of this lab is to observe the titration between acid and base, and calculate the morality of unknown solution base on the volume required to reach equivalence point and geochemistry. There are two groups of experiments.

The first one is the reaction between nitric acid and sodium hydroxide which is a reaction between strong acid and strong base, so, theoretically, the pH value of the the suture of these two solution at the equivalence point in the titration process should be seven, which means neutral. The second groups is the titration between ammonia and hydrochloric acid. The pH at the equivalence point should be below seven to indicate that the mixture at that point is acid, since hydrochloric acid is a strong acid and ammonia is weak base.

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After find out the pH of the equivalence point, find out the corresponding volume of the two solutions and calculate the unknown military depends on geochemistry and the known military. In the lab, first step is to prepare 0 millimeter known-military solution in the beaker, sodium hydroxide in the first group and ammonia in the second group. Then prepare 30 millimeter unknown- military solution (nitric acid in the first group and hydrochloric acid in the second group) in the burette.

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