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Should the driving age be raised? I believe that the driving age should be raised for the following reasons. During the first years, young drivers do not have the maturity and experience to handle the traffic in Iceland because Icelandic drivers are not very considerate. There have been many serious and even fatal accidents due to young and inexperienced drivers that think that they can handle the speed.

On the other hand getting your drivers license and being able to go wherever you want gives you a certain sense of freedom and if you are for example working or practicing sports you don’t have to constantly rely on your parents or friends to take you to all the places you need to be. Of course young drivers are not to be blamed for every accident that occur but due to lack of experience, when a quick decision has to be made, the young driver may often react mistakenly. The reaction is sometimes random or not thoroughly thought through.

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According to Sjovas home page, almost fifty percent of seventeen year old drivers cause accidents their first year. (http://www. sjova. is/view. asp? cat=1152). I find it very interesting that young male drivers have higher accident rate than young female drivers. It could be because they tend to speed more than girls who are often more careful. These days, cars have bigger and more powerful engines than 20-30 years ago, so collations are likely to be more serious now than 20 years ago.

I have heard that in Norway you have to be at least twenty to drive a car with a certain horsepower. In my opinion this is a very good rule (law) because it may prevent some serious accidents. Another reason for young drivers to be speeding are the movies and the video games that they are watching and believe that they are “cool” enough to imitate the actors. These misconceptions often lead to accidents that are serious and fatal and therefore I thing thay the driving age should be raised to 18 years in Iceland.

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