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The county should provide the schools with more buses. As the amount of students in each school Increases, the bus rides are made longer with all of the bus stops that are added. Many parents are not able to drive their children to school and depend on the buses to take them to school and drop them off on time. Long bus rides come with unsteady schedules and wont let parents know what time to expect their children’s arrival.

If the county gets more buses, bus rides would become shorter. Bus routes with less stops would make the amount of time it takes the driver to transport the students to and from school shorter. Some students who are assigned schools that are not in the boundaries of their neighborhood need to ride the buses that can take up to an hour to get them to school. With shorter rides, students and drivers might be in a better mood then they were before. Our bus drivers and students would have a positive attitude on the morning and afternoon rides.

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Drivers would have a steady and predictable schedule. They would know the correct time that their shift would have to last and wouldn’t have to worry about long rides along with traffic obstacles. Students wouldn’t arrive at school Inattentive from having to wait In the bus for a long time. They would be In high spirits and be ready for class. Short bus rides would mean that students would come earlier to school. They can help their teachers prepare the classroom for any lessons.

Teachers could give them reactive work in the morning to give them a head start on the material that they would be covering in class. Students would have more time in the morning to do glasswork and complete any classroom chores. Our schools should be provided with more buses. More buses would mean shorter rides and more time for students to get ready for a day of learning. Schools could hold fundraisers to help pay for all the buses. Parents and other adults would surely contribute to the funds because the outcome would be beneficial to them and the children.

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