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Modern lifestyle has also compounded overweight problems, which include obese cases among children. Young people are becoming obese at a very young age because they do not consume balance diet. Saving children from the clutch of obesity should be significantly done not only by fast food companies but also family and health institution. First of all, family support Is crucial In reducing the number of obese children by watching over their children’s diet and making sure they live a healthy life.

Some arenas are too busy with their jobs and they give little consideration about the meals their children eat. Parents should be more responsible for safeguarding their children’s health. Furthermore, they also need to pay more attention to what their children eat at school and encourage them to visit sport clubs or do more outdoor activities. Parents should understand the Importance of managing the weight of overweight children and young people. In addition to family, health institution also holds an important roles in controlling the number of obese children.

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Limiting fast food restaurants advertisements during school events can also reduce children’s interest to go to fast food restaurants. Government can also give high taxes to fast food restaurants. Health workers should also pay attention to any signs of psychological distress, depression, bulimia or other mental problems which could be related to weight gain. They can recommend parents to let their obese children to follow lifestyle management programs to deal Hi obesity. Nevertheless, the most crucial measure to control obese children is simply avoiding fast food.

Fast food items lead to obesity because they use fatty oil In high quantity. People who consume fast food three times a day have a higher chance of obesity compared to other people. Fast food Items are rich In fat, glucose and calories and these lead to obesity. Children will also be addicted to the flavor of the food although the food contains a lot of grease. Moreover, fast food companies attract children by providing toys in their kiddy meals in order to gain more attention from young costumers. Fast food restaurants are everywhere and usually near school so children an find fast food easily.

Thus, parents should help children to avoid visiting fast food restaurants and prepare home-made meals Instead, Schools should not Involve fast food restaurants in supporting school events. In short conclusion I believe that the increasing number of obesity in children are influenced by the rapid presence of fast food companies, and ignorant parents and health Institution toward children’s health. It Is reasonable to say that children will have high self-esteem when they find themselves healthy and proportional, and them to eat healthy food and doing more exercises.

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