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Australia States use nets, drum lines and other shark culling measures? The shark Is known to be a terror of the ocean that does nothing more than kill humans, at least this Is what was think of these creatures until more research was discovered. The truth Is that the shark Is a beautiful creature that has more than 440 species that Is being hunted to extinction. Not many people are killed by sharks, as It is more common to be killed by a vending machine, than a shark. These creatures do to need to be hunted, as they are already on the verge of extinction.

The shark’s identity has been destroyed by movies, documentaries and more. Movies such as Jaws, makes the public believe that the shark is highly dangerous and does not do anything for the environment. But however the shark has an important part in keeping the food chain balanced so another fish does not over populate and endanger another species. The shark is dangerous as only 60-70 people are bitten by shark, not killed, bitten. But due to this movie, people believe that a shark must be ailed If It Is too close too beach or harbor.

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What most people do not know Is that the most sharks are unable to kill a person, due to the way their teeth are structured. Most shark teeth are made for cutting and are unable to rip chunks off large creature such as a human. These teeth are actually made for small fish and mammals. Besides their teeth, sharks are picky eaters and would not go after something they know they can’t kill. Also many are species of the shark are too afraid to come close to humans, such as the hammerhead. Sharks are one of the most endangered creatures on the planet.

This is because of the identity that movies create and also the funning industry. Sharks fins are a sign of wealth and are very expensive in China, as they cost around $200 US per fin. This fin is actually tasteless and provides no flavor to the soup, it only adds texture. Every year 30 to 70 billion sharks are killed to support the shark flu industry. What the fishermen do to catch these sharks Is to throw out a long line with hundreds of hooked hanging off them. This Is an Illegal act as It allows fishermen to bring In hundreds of sharks In one day.

When these sharks are caught In the line, they either suffocate because they cannot move to get flowing water into them, or they are brought onto the boat and are De- finned alive. The rest of their bodies are usually chucked off the boat so they can sink to the bottom of the ocean. It is crucial that sharks do stay alive as they are the apex predator, meaning they keep all marine life at a perfect balance. If we removed sharks from the food chain, this would deeply upset this balance by allowing and a different species of fish to populate reefs.

This fish may have a faster reproduction yester than sharks and will end up eating all the smaller fish. This chain reaction is created by Just a few species of shark dying. The truth Is, we are afraid of a creature that we kill more than It attacks us. Drum lines and other shark culling measures are just cruel and no shark deserves to be killed because It swims to close to a beach, without It having any Intentions to cause harm. It Is facts Like these that should make human stop being afraid of sharks, but respect their boundaries and their species. If we continue to keep killing these beautiful creatures.

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