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The Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario has a rather elaborate process flow but there are a few issues they need to resolve to be more efficient. Improving their efficiency by reducing lengthy wait times for patients and their parents will provide a better customer experience. As it stands, it takes, on average 129 minutes for new patients, and 119 minutes for follow-up patients, to move through the process – give or take a few minutes here and there. The Clan Is only open 3 half-day sessions each week from the hours of 8:30 a. M. To 1:00 p. . The rest of the time the Clinic is seed by other doctors for other sub-specialties. The Clinic sees, on average, 80 patients per week, of which 60 percent are returning/follow-up patients. The visit starts at registration where the patient fills out paperwork and waits for either Radiology to call them for an X-ray or for a nurse to call them to an exam room. If they are called to Radiology first, the process is longer due to more paperwork and more waiting. There is often a wait in Radiology due to the need for adjustments to the X-ray machine.

Then the patient must Walt for the exam, the time to develop the elm, then a handcuff to the patient of the developing and Interpreting of the film. The patient then returns to reception to hand off the film and wait, again, to be called to an exam room. Once in the exam room the patient was seen by either a surgeon or a senior resident. If adjustments, alterations, or removal of a cast was needed, the patient would have to Walt for the cast technician. Once this exam was finished, the patient is discharged. Utilization rates within the hospital are: Staff Time Available Time Working utilization Rate Cast Technician.The bottleneck is the wait times and the utilization rates. More specifically the fourth nurse and the initial clerk. Capacity constraints are the number of hours and the number of days the clinic is open. Sharing of the clinic with other sub-specialties is also a problem along with having to share the Radiology department with the Emergency Room. The utilization rates are as follows: Front Desk: a.

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The only identified cost were for a Radiology Dept. Qualified Technician $75,000 annually. Cost of an X-ray machine is $30,000 and annual maintenance for X- ray machine $5,000 annual. How you get information and the survey question you ask plays a huge role in creating a successful survey. I strongly recommend that the hospital seek guidance from a consultant that specializes in creating successful surveys. If by chance they do not have the money, they should have done more research in designing the revere to be able to get better results.

The third option of better scheduling patients appointments would prove to reduce wait times. They need to redesign the entire patient scheduling system. This has a huge impact in the operations of any practice. They should start with identifying what their financial goal is. For example, determine how many patients do they need to see to be able to reach that goal. Once you have designed a scheduling system that meets the practice needs, make sure you have the resources (facility and staff to allocate to it.

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