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The Sensory signatures can relate the customers In personal way by triggering their senses. Sight: This Is most used for marketing as It Is most responsive. For long, Indian cricket team has been associated with the color Blue and the team Is often called as Men In blue. Pepsi has linked Its brand to major Blue, followed by red and white. Pepsi was able to market well by linking the Men in blue with its brand Pepsi. Whenever we think about cricket, we think about the men in blue and then the Pepsi. It was my personal experience that I used to enjoy cricket more while drinking the

Pepsi. The color association motivated me to buy Pepsi for the cricket matches. Sound: Every brand has its own particular story, and the music will highlight that story. The sound identity of the brand lives a long time too. There are numerous examples of sound branding such as Harley Davidson unique engine sound, News channels etc. Each of the wrestlers has Its own brand sound and the fans will associate themselves with that unique sound. When such sounds are played on TV or advertisements, It motivates the fans to buy the WE ticket or subscribe to online purchases.

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Smell: Smell greatly improves the remembrance of the brand as our nose is intelligent enough to distinguish thousands of odors. Moreover it is closely associated with our emotions, thus creates instant connections to the brand. It creates sense of wellbeing and influences the customers to purchase the products. Some of the smells such as lavender are so effective that without linking to any brand, it can trigger a good feeling to buy more. Egg of Smell branding: Delete. The smell of It has become synonymous with the antiseptic and sterile hospital environment. Whenever we have such smell, we Instantly say it is Delta’s smell.

Another example Is that of Johnson Baby powder: Its smell triggers sweet memories that parents had with their little ones. A great marketing strategy was employed by Donning Donuts at Korean buses in that the buses release the coffee scent when the Donning Donuts was nearby to the bus stops. Touch: It is the physical interaction with the customer. Skin has numerous sensory receptors and could be manipulative through weight, softness, smoothness etc. Most of the perfume bottles are made of glass. When the consumer handles it, the customer feels a sense of luxury that does not come up with anything else.

The texture, shapes, and temperature too plays important role. Egg the ‘Real’ Juice has the texture of actual fruit on the packaging to make the Juice feel more real. Taste: Taste can greatly alter the mood and brand perception. But It works well In combination of other sensory signatures. Egg. Maggie has Its peculiar taste of noodles. Any person who has eaten Maggie can recognize it by the taste. Moreover Maggie spoor’s famous punch line Hot and Sweet tomato chill sauce. This instantly created a different image of Maggie sauce and induced the sense of having it right away.

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