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The said program helps her lot to augment her dally needs. She declared that she don’t want to rely to any assistance that her children can provide her since that they are also experiencing difficulty in life and suffering from poverty. She also added that she doesn’t want to add burden to her children. Lola Franciscan lives alone before. Everything seemed fine until she turned 114 of age. At that point, her daughter took her so that she will be cared as well. Lola Franciscan said that “As Toto Lang as dead Kong to mass gusto OK pa din nag magmas Dahl yoking naming palatable pa as Klan mega knack allot lam OK Amman an HOLAP din salad as bubby.

Unguent pintail nail Kong kind Para oak ay gangling mammalian. Kayak sober Kong misplacement as talons at bay Eng govern as naming mega Manhattan an Hiram as bubby. Nagoya Hindi OK an skylarking hinging pa as aging mega knack nag bambini Eng packaging at gamut OK”. During payout, Lola Franciscan goes to take her pension. She because enjoyed and happy to be Included in the program. She added that she was extremely grateful to the Implementers of the program because It really alps the Indigents particularly the elderly who doesn’t have the strength and capability to work for them to survive.

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Furthermore, most of the Social Pensioners are of age 97 and below. Like Lola Franciscan, they are also grateful to be included as Social Pensioners. Some of them declared that they considered themselves as”lasagna khaki sang tuck” which means that they live from hand to mouth. One of the Social Pensioners said that “Engaging OK Eng mainsail Eng unsatisfying packaging Eng Hindi an skylarking hinging as aging knack”. That simple word symbolizes the real help of the program in the life of the missioner.

They strongly believe that Social Pension Program enables them to reduce the extreme poverty they experienced. It changes their way of living. Actually, if they are going to compare their lives today from their past, it is very visible that it works a lot for making differences and Improvements In their lives. They can now purchase nutritious foods and buy medicine when sick that will help them lengthen their life. They also added that through the program they will not be able to add burden to their children who are also suffering from extreme poverty.

Moreover, they said that “Noon, kappa oak ay unmistakable ay talking tinnitus OK an huge magmata, Hindi Dahl as away OK kindly Dahl as wall Kong pear an hookahs din sill as gangling bubby. Subunit Nagoya, negatron Eng pagination an oak ay mammography Dahl as program Eng gibbered’. Lastly, Social Pensioners are hoping for the continuation of implementation of the program. They wish for its success. They are all thankful for the privileges and benefits that they continuously received because they feel their importance in the society.

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